Kelty Salada Review

Lightweight Tent on a Budget

Kelty Salada

The Kelty Salada is an entry level floored tent that gives you a lot for the price point.  Weighing in at 3lbs 14oz, it’s the heaviest of the shelters I tested, but also the least expensive by a long shot.  If you don’t feel like emptying your wallet on a tent, this is a fantastic option that gives you a good amount of interior space and a freestanding design.  It is also a double wall tent, so you avoid potential condensation issues.   

As with most two man floored shelters, interior space was tight for two adults, but manageable.  The floor tapers from 55 inches to 45 inches from the head to the foot.  The peak interior height is a comfortable 43 inches.

Note:  I did not personally have the opportunity to test out this tent.  Two separate buddies used this tent on separate occasions over the last two years and provided me the following feedback. 

The Good


The Kelty Salada is a true freestanding shelter with a bathtub style floor.  All the benefits of a freestanding shelter apply here.  Great for rocky terrain and ease of setup.   


Setup on the Salada was easily done with one person and is very self- explanatory, a strength of the Salada.


The Salada is a generous 88 inches in length.  If you are over 6ft 3in, you might find your sleeping bag touching at the foot, which caused one of my buddy’s sleeping bags to get a little damp from condensation.   Another buddy who is over 6ft 3in reported not having this issue though. Either way, the lentgh of the Salada will be good enough for most.


The Salada uses a hefty 68D polyester fabric for the rain fly, floor, and canopy.  Compare that to the 15D fabric the Nemo Hornet uses and you can see where a lot of the weight difference comes from.  Because of the heavier fabric the Salada should continue to hold up well.

The Bad

1 Door, 1 Vestibule
Kelty Salada

With only one door and one average size vestibule, you may find yourself wishing for a bit more here.  On the other hand, cutting those out saves weight.  This is one of the reasons the Salada is able to come in at the weight it does, so it’s a double-edge sword.


The Salada is the heaviest of the tents in this review.  With a minimum weight of 3lbs 14oz, it just squeezes in under that 4lb max weight I was shooting for.  The “packaged weight” pushes it up to 4lbs 9oz though.  Unlike some tents, the “minimum weight” actually does make a usable shelter.  “Minimum weight” excludes the stakes, extra guy lines, packaging, and stuff sacks.  

Check out the Kelty Salada

The Kelty Salada is a great two person shelter at a great price point. It gives you a double wall, relatively lightweight shelter at an extremely reasonable price. See how it stacks up against some others I tested in our full Backpacking Tent Review!

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