6 Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag Reviews

Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag Review

Big Agnes Mystic UL15 ultralight sleeping bag

In Part 3 of the Backcountry Camp Series, we talked about what you need to know when picking out the best lightweight sleeping bag. Here in Part 4, we talk about a handful of lightweight sleep systems. For this review, my intended use is September archery season here in Idaho, so you could have overnight temps in the 20s or in the 50s. September in Idaho typically is fairly dry, so a down bag is usually a great option.  

With that in mind I decided to include lightweight sleeping bags in the temperature range around 15 degrees to cover those frequent cold September nights in the Idaho high country. I tested these bags/quilts into the 20s, but most of the time the temperatures hung in the 30s and 40s.

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Choosing a Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag | 4 Factors

Sleep systems

What are some of the best ultralight sleeping bags? There are so many to choose from!  How do you decide between down or synthetic?  What style of sleeping bag is the right fit for you? Do you prefer a sleeping bag or a quilt? And what’s all the rage about quilts anyway?  The market is full of good quality, ultralight sleep systems. When discussing sleep systems, it’s extremely difficult to report as to whether the bag/quilt lived up to its temperature rating because everyone sleeps differently. 

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