Elk Call Holders: 4 Best Options

Diaphragm Elk Call Holders: Is there a difference?

Diaphragm elk call holders have come a long way in recent years. Keeping your elk calls protected while in the field can be a challenge.  Elk call holders should keep your calls clean, however, a case that will keep the dirt out may not allow your diaphragm elk call to dry between uses, which reduces their life span.  Storing them in your pocket can be effective, but could bend the frame of the calls. This can cause the latex stretch to change, which you don’t want. 

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3 Best Ultralight Game Bags

Best ultralight game bags

Quality Ultralight Game Bags: Worth the Extra Money? Ultralight game bags.  If you’ve ever shopped around, you probably found that game bags come in many shapes, sizes, weights, and materials.  So why are synthetic bags so much more expensive than cotton?  Does it really even make a difference?   While it can be argued both ways, … Read more

VIAM Outdoors CC Divide Review 2019

VIAM Outdoors CC Divide

The VIAM Outdoors CC Divide is a very different shelter than the others I’ve reviewed.  I wanted to test this one out because it offers so many options.   The VIAM Outdoors CC Divide is offered in two different material weights, as well as with or without a floor.  The CC Divide gives you the ability to use a wood stove inside the shelter for those late season trips.  This is an absolute game changer!

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7 Best Backpacking Tents For Hunting | Honest Review

Six Moon Desings Lunar Duo - Best backpacking tent for hunting

Best Backpacking Tents For Hunting Looking for the best backpacking tents for hunting?  Do you enjoy nights in the wilderness? Is it your preferred method of hunting doing a backpacking style hunt in the high country? Whether you are an experienced backpacker or just getting into it, you’ve probably looked over some of the available … Read more

How To Choose a Backpacking Tent

Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo ExplorerHere in part one of this series we are going show you how to choose a backpacking tent that is best for you.  Venturing into the backcountry for a multi-night trip can be an intimidating prospect if you are preparing for your first trip.  If you are experienced in making nature your home, you are familiar with the ongoing pursuit of finding that “perfect” camp setup.  If not, how to choose a backapacking tent can be an overwhelming task.  Hopefully this will help you in choosing a backpacking tent that is best for your needs.

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