9 RightOnTrek Meals Review | Exquisite By Design, But Worth it?

Rightontrek meals review - Bananna Bread Oatmeal

Backcountry meals are intensely personal. We all have different preferences and likely have different favorites. Rightontrek meals are a different way of thinking about backpacking food and offer you a very unique backcountry food experience. They argue that their method yields a better meal in the backcountry than your typical freeze dried meal, so we … Read more

Alpen Fuel Granola Review | Only 4oz of Water + AMAZING TASTE!

Alpen Fuel Granola Review

Backpacking food. It’s a never-ending search. Is this new Alpen Fuel Granola something that’s tasty yet won’t destroy your stomach- something that is nutritious, having just the right kind of calories and not an exorbitant amount of sodium, causing dehydration in the backwoods? Is the Alpen Fuel Granola the next “amazing” backpacking food? This hunting … Read more

Best Backpacking Coffee: 9 Instant Coffee Reviews

Best backpacking coffee

Best Backpacking Coffee If you LOVE coffee as much as we do here at Backwoods Pursuit, you’d prefer not to hit the trail without bringing you favorite cup of joe with you. So, we set out to find the best instant coffee for backpacking. While I’ve usually just grabbed some Starbucks Via from the local … Read more

Best Food For Backpacking: 51 Meal Shootout

51 Dinners | 14 Brands | Blind Taste Test

You read that right. A total of 51 backpacking dinners were tested and charted for this review to find the best food for backpacking out there. It was no small undertaking that took us over FIVE MONTHS of gathering, researching, and charting. One last shout out to the panel of volunteers who offered up their time (and intestines) for this review. We had a great time with this!

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Best Backpacking Food: 14 Breakfast Shootout

Best backpcking food

Best Backpacking Food: 14 Breakfast Shootout With so much backpacking food on the market today, it’s tough to decide what to take in the field. The purpose of this blind taste test is to help you find the best backpacking food for your needs and taste buds. Hopefully after reading this, you’ll be able to … Read more