1.9 oz Bugler Blade Knife Review | Best Hunting Knives

Bugler Blade Knife ABE-L Steel

Backcountry hunting knives are one of those things that you can’t get enough of. The new AEBL Standard Bugler Blade Knife is one of the best hunting knives and fills the need for a high quality hunting knife without spending a fortune. This new Standard Bugler Blade Knife offers you a top quality hunting knife … Read more

Argali Carbon Knife Review | S35VN Elite Hunting Knife

Argali Carbon Knife

Knives in the backcountry are an item that can easily get overlooked. This new Argali Carbon Knife changes the game. If you’ve ever experienced that dreaded dull knife half way through field dressing a big game animal, the Argali Carbon Knife might just be your solution. This new Argali Cabon Knife came to market to … Read more