Argali Kodiak Belt Review | Genius 3.8 oz Knife Sharpener & Field Belt

The Argali Kodiak Belt is not just a field belt. As backcountry hunters, we are always looking for ways to maximize the tools we use and find multiple uses for everything we bring with us. That’s exactly where the the Argali Kodiak belt comes in. Not only is it a fantastic belt that won’t give you hot spots when wearing a pack, it also doubles as a knife sharpener (perfectly paired with any of the Argali Knives). In this Argali Kodiak belt review you are going to see the incredible versatility and usefulness you get with the Argali Kodiak field belt.

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Argali Kodiak Belt

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Argali Kodiak Belt Specs

Argali Kodiak Belt

What makes the Argali Kodiak belt so amazing? Not only does it pull double duty, but it does so coming in at just 3.8 ounces. In that 3.8 ounces you get a belt, tungsten carbide knife sharpener, and a leather strop. Why add a leather strop to this belt? If you’ve ever used one, particularly in conjunction with a high quality knife like the Argali Knives, you’ve likely found that a few strokes on that leather strop go a long way and can be all you need to finish field dressing your animal.

  • Weight: 3.8 oz
  • Iron Grip Webbing Capture System
  • Tungsten Carbide Sharpening Bar
  • 800 Grit Diamond Plate
  • Leather Strop
  • Fishing Hook Sharpening Groove
  • Webbing Width-1.5″
  • Buckle Material- 7075 grade aluminum 

Buckle Material: Argali Kodiak Belt Review

Argali Kodiak Belt

The buckle of the Argali Kodiak belt is made of super strong 7075 grade aluminum, and you can tell when you handle it that it’s going to last a long time. Not only is it made incredibly well, but it lays flat so it doesn’t interfere with wearing a pack, which is absolutely critical to me in a field belt. In fact, before trying this belt I flat out hated belts when out hunting because every one I’d ever tried caused hot spots and/or got hung up on my pack’s hip belt. That was absolutely not the case with the Argali Kodiak belt.

After using this for a hunting season, I found myself throwing it on even when I didn’t “need” a belt because it’s just that comfortable. Of course, I wanted to have that slick knife sharpener on had as well.

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Iron Grip Webbing Capture System: Argali Kodiak Belt Review

Argali Kodiak Belt

If you’ve ever used this style of belt, you probably know that they work VERY well and don’t slip at all. I put this belt through many days in the backwoods and never once had the webbing slip or the belt loosen AT ALL. I’ve had other styles slip or loosen on me, which can be very frustrating, but the Argali Kodiak belt was rock solid day after day.

Webbing Material: Argali Kodiak Belt Review

Argali Kodiak Belt

The 1.5 inch webbing is just right for a field belt. Most importantly though, it’s not thick which is why it enables you to use this belt with a pack so well. If you are wanting to carry a side arm with this belt, you may find it doesn’t work the best, but keep in mind that the design behind the Kodiak belt is as a field belt, designed to be worn with a pack and not create hot spots.

Knife Sharpening: Argali Kodiak Belt Review

Argali Kodiak Belt

If you find yourself needing to utilize the knife sharpening function of the Argali Kodiak belt, there is a process to getting the most out of the system. Start by using the Tungsten Carbide edge located on the top of the buckle. This is the most course option to get started on. Run your knife at a 20 degree angle, or whatever angle your knife is sharpened at, a handful of times.

Next, maintaining the same 20 degree angle, you’ll want to utilize the 800 grit diamond plate to further hone the edge. Run both edges of the knife over this diamond plate until you bring that edge back. Obviously, how dull your knife is will determine how much work you’ll need to do here. This will work just like your favorite sharpener at home, but in the palm of your hand…or your belt.

Argali Kodiak Belt

Last but not least, move to the leather strop to finish off the edge of your blade. Of course, if you just need a quick touch up you can just use the strop, or in this case, use it to finish off a complete sharpening process that is done in just minutes out in the field.

Argali Kodiak Belt

Now, while this knife sharpening system works great, it won’t QUITE bring the filthy sharp edge back that you had when you bought the knife new, but it’ll get you pretty close. WAY more than good enough to finish field dressing your animal! Most of the time when using a high quality knife, I just end up using this leather strop to bring back the edge and finish field dressing my animal, but having the Tungsten Carbide and Diamond plate there if a real sharpening is needed is a great insurance policy.

Argali Kodiak Belt Review: Conclusion

Argali Kodiak Belt

While you could say this is “just a belt”, Argali challenged that and made the Kodiak belt anything but “just a belt”. The Argali Kodiak belt is a bit on the pricey side if you are thinking of it as “just a belt.” However, if you look at it for what it truly is, a high quality field belt that you can actually wear comfortably with a pack AND a high quality 3 stage knife sharpener, the price tag is very worth it. Don’t take my word for it though. Pick one up for yourself and see. Heck! Argali is so confident that you’ll love this belt, they even have a 60 day “Iron Grip Guarantee”.

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    • I really thought it was a great idea but,went to Alaska for spring bear hunt and the belt wouldn’t stay tight. Had to take knife and leather an off and put in pockets. Spent whole trip tightening and hitching up my pants. I asked about this before purchasing and was told that it wasn’t a problem. Like I said good idea but needs a different buckle system.


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