Tract Toric Spotting Scope Review | Tract Optics High Value 27-55×80 Spotter

Tract Optics Review - Tract Toric 27-55x80mm Spotting Scope Review

If you are in the market for a spotting scope, you may have come across the Tract Toric UHD spotting scope. Tract Optics has been gaining notoriety in the optics world and for good reason. With a focus on producing high quality, high value optics that will perform well beyond their price point, Tract Optics … Read more

Zeiss SFL Review | 10×30 & 10×40 | Insanely Good | Best In Class Ultralight Binoculars

Zeiss SFL review: Zeiss SFL binoculars testing: Zeiss 10x40 and Zeiss 10x30 review

When we first considered putting together this Zeiss SFL review, we didn’t really know what to expect. Zeiss Optics has made top notch binoculars, spotting scopes, rifles scopes and more for a long time, and every time a new product emerges, it’s easy to get excited. We wanted to see if they would keep their … Read more

Forloh Camo Clothing Review | USA MADE FORLOH Hunting Clothing – Worth the Extra Money? My 2 Cents

Forloh camo clothing review - FORLOH Allclima L3 Rain Jacket review

Hunting clothing has come a LONG WAY in recent years, and it’s now widely considered “gear” rather than clothing. This FORLOH Camo clothing review comes after having tested other brands over the previous 10 years, and really coming to appreciate high performing hunting clothing. While one certainly does not “need” high-end hunting clothing to be … Read more

Exped Ultra 3R, 5R, 7R Review | Best Exped Sleeping Pad EVER?!?!

Exped Sleeping Pad Review - Exped Ultra 3R, 5R, 7R

Are you looking for the best ultralight sleeping pad? The new Exped Ultra Series Pads are quite possibly the best Exped sleeping pads yet, but we needed to test them to be sure. The new Exped Ultra Series comes in four different warmth ratings; the summer version being the Ultra 1R, the fall version being … Read more

Springbar Tent Review | Springbar Classic Jack 140 | Challenge Old Man Winter

Springbar Tent review - Springbar Classic Jack 140 review

If you’ve ever tried to camp in the cold weather it can be downright miserable. That is unless you have the right setup like the a Springbar Classic Jack 140 hot tent paired with the Winnerwell Woodlander Double View stove. This combination proves to be more than just manageable, but extremely comfortable keeping you toasty … Read more

Forloh Youth Hunting Clothes Review | Best Youth Hunting Clothes? | 3 Essential Pieces

Best youth hunting clothes - Forloh Youth hunting camo clothing

Hunting clothes have come a LONG WAY in recent years, especially youth hunting clothes. FORLOH is a company that actually has a line for kids and carries some of the best youth hunting clothes on the market. We’ve done some Forloh reviews for adult clothing and wanted to test out some pieces that they have … Read more

Tract Toric 2.5-15×44 Review | Tract Optics Ultra HD Powerful Hunting Scope

Tract Toric 2.5-15x44 Rifle Scope Review - Tract Optics Review

Tract Optics has been making a big push to impress in the world of optics, and their latest Tract Toric 2.5-15×44 UHD rifle scope does just that by bringing a high quality rifle scope specifically designed with hunters in mind. It offers a perfect size and magnification range for the hunter, and was built with … Read more

Swagger Bipod Review | SEA12 vs SFR 10 – Are Bipods Good For Hunting? Essential or Dumb?

Swagger bipod review - SEA12 vs SFR10

What prompted this Swagger bipod review? Why did we review the Swagger SFR10 and the Swagger SEA12? A recent experience was the driving force to begin testing bipods. We’ve all been there where events in the field drive us to make a gear change. That’s exactly what happened here. The frustration had fully set in, … Read more

10 Best Ultralight Tripods – 2lb Weight Class

Best ultralight tripods compared - Ultralight tripod review

Looking for the best ultralight tripod for your outdoor adventure? What is the best ultralight tripod for hunting and backpacking? What features are important, and what features are negotiable? The world of ultralight tripods has a ton of options, but for this review we have narrowed it down to the two pound weight class. Personally, … Read more

Women’s Mystery Ranch Metcalf Review | 4335ci Women’s Hunting Backpack

Mystery Ranch Metcalf Backpack Review - Women's and Youth Hunting Pack

This Women’s Mystery Ranch Metcalf review was born from the fact that more and more women are hunting and want a backpack specifically designed for their body type. There just aren’t that many women’s hunting backpacks on the market, and until more recently, women who wanted to hunt had to use a men’s backpack but … Read more