Phelps Game Calls Reviews: 8 Best Phelps Diaphragm Elk Calls

It’s just flat tough to go wrong with any Phelps Game Calls diaphragm elk call! I have yet to find one that I just don’t like. There are some that I like more than others of course, but all of the Phelps elk calls are easy to use, and offer varying degrees of difficulty, volume, and range of cow and bull sounds.

One of the things I love the most about the Phelps Game Calls diaphragm elk calls is the nasally sound you can get from them. It is simply awesome! There’s a reason so many top elk calling competitors use these calls. They sound amazing!

How to Choose a Diaphragm Elk Call

How in the world do you choose a diaphragm elk call? There are a million on the market and Phelps Game Calls makes some of the best! Do they REALLY sound that different from each other? In this diaphragm elk call review, I tested out 24 different elk diaphragm calls (8 from Phelps Game Calls) side by side to see, hear, and feel the differences. So, here we go. Let’s see what makes these calls different.

Phelps Game Calls’ Differences

Phelps Amp Dome

A quick look at these calls and you’ll notice that they feature an aluminum dome. The Amp frame is a classic, well-liked frame that fits well in most people’s mouths and produces a fantastic sound.

Phelps Amp Frame

The other major difference between the smaller Phelps Amp and Rocky Mountain Calls vs the Native By Carlton calls is the frame size. The Amp frame as well as the Rocky Mountain frame are both smaller than the frame on the Native By Carlton. This means the Phelps Amp and Rocky Mountain Calls are placed further up in your mouth vs. further back for the Native by Carlton Calls.

Latex Thickness and Stretch

The thickness of the latex used affects the sound the call makes as well. A thicker latex is a little more difficult to use, but can get some more mature sounds for you. Additionally, the degree with which the latex is stretched also affects the tone that can be made by that call.

Phelps Game Calls – Break Them In!

An often forgot about part of finding the right elk diaphragm call is making sure you break in the call before you decide if you like it or not. Pulling it out of the package, doing a few cow calls and deciding it’s not for you just doesn’t cut it. Some diaphragm elk calls need more break-in time than others depending on the thickness and stretch of the latex. Make sure to give the call a fair chance before throwing it aside. You just might be giving up on a call you would love!

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Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about the sound and tone differences.

Phelps Amp Series

Phelps Game Calls: Orange Amp

Phelps Game Calls Orange Amp

The Phelps Orange Amp is the easiest of the Phelps Calls to use and gives you those cow/calf sounds with ease. This one is so easy to use, it’s a fantastic beginners call. It’s also a great call if you want to be super quiet when the bull is closing in.

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Phelps Game Calls: Black Amp

Phelps Black Amp

The Phelps Black Amp is an easy-to-use call that gives you moderately nasally cow sounds and easy loud rag horn bugles. I found it to have a great smooth transition from low to high. Awesome high end, especially for a call that is easy to use.

Buy the Phelps Black Amp

Phelps Elk Addicts Red Amp

Phelps Elk Addicts Red Amp

The Elk Addicts Red Amp is flat out easy to use, sounds awesome, and gives you that amazing nasally cow sound. One note. The latex is easily over-stretched, so don’t go too crazy on this one or you’ll wear it out quickly, a downside to being so easy to use. Use the Code “BP10” to get 10% off anything from the Elk Addicts Store!

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Phelps Game Calls: Green Amp

Phelps Green Amp

The Phelps Green Amp is a great all-around call. It has a moderate nasally rasp, is fairly easy to use, gives you great low and high end tones, and can also be nice and loud when you need it to be.

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Phelps Game Calls: Signature Series

Phelps Signature Calls

The Phelps Signature call is slightly more advanced, (takes a little more air) but offers awesome loud high end tones, moderate rasp, a great low end, and medium to large bull/cow sounds. The transitions are very smooth from low to high.

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Phelps Game Calls: Grey Amp

Phelps Grey Amp

The Phelps Grey Amp takes more air, but gives you awesome, big bull sounds. This one has an amazing range and is CRAZY LOUD on the high end. Rip one on this and you could lose your hearing.

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Phelps Game Calls: Maverick

Phelps Maverick

The Phelps Game Calls Maverick is one of my favorite calls. Super nasally, low end cow sounds with a great high end range and a lot of volume, you’ll absolutely love this call. Thanks, Dirk Durham and Jason Phelps!

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Phelps Game Calls: White Amp Elk Call

Phelps White Amp

The Phelps White Amp is similar to the Grey Amp in that it requires more air to use. With great, deep tones and high end notes, you’ll need to use your lungs to get this one rolling, but it has some amazing sounds!

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