Elk Call Holders: 4 Best Options

Diaphragm Elk Call Holders: Is there a difference?

Diaphragm elk call holders have come a long way in recent years. Keeping your elk calls protected while in the field can be a challenge.  Elk call holders should keep your calls clean, however, a case that will keep the dirt out may not allow your diaphragm elk call to dry between uses, which reduces their life span.  Storing them in your pocket can be effective, but could bend the frame of the calls. This can cause the latex stretch to change, which you don’t want. 

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Cow Elk Call Review: 11 Best Cow Calls

External Reed Cow Elk Call Review

Cow Elk Calls - External Reed Cow Elk Calls
Rocky Mountain Calls | Phelps Game Calls | Native By Carlton | Primos | Mossback

We decided to do a cow elk call review because they come in so many shapes, sizes and materials that picking one can be a challenge. To make things harder, you can’t exactly try them out and send them back if it’s not quite what you were looking for, So, here at Backwoods Pursuit, we decided we’d try to help you out and give you a rundown on some of the most popular ones on the market today.  Our hope is that this cow elk call review and demonstration (see the YouTube video below) will help you decide what you prefer and save you from buying one you just don’t care for.

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Native By Carlton | 10 Best | Diaphragm Elk Call Review

Native By Carlton Diaphragm Elk Calls

I’d never used the Native By Carlton elk calls before doing this review, but I must say, I’m impressed. While I’d say they aren’t quite as easy to use as the Phelps Game Calls (see that review here) or Rocky Mountain Game Calls, (see my review here) they sound phenomenal! I especially loved the high end bugle tones I could get from these elk calls. Whether you love the classic series or the new RIPIT frame from Native by Carlton, you’ll be able to find one you like. These calls will be with me this fall.

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Rocky Mountain Calls: 6 Best Elk Diaphragms

Rocky Mountain Elk Diaphragms

How in the world do you choose a diaphragm elk call? There are a million on the market and Rocky Mountain Calls makes some great ones! Do they REALLY sound that different from each other? In this diaphragm elk call review, I tested out 24 different elk diaphragm calls (6 from Rocky Mountain Calls side by side to see, hear, and feel the differences. So, here we go. Let’s see what makes these calls different.

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