30° Katabatic Palisade Quilt Review | Best Backpacking Quilt? | Stupid Warm

Katabatic Palisade quilt review

Is the 30° Katabatic Palisade ultralight quilt the best backpacking quilt you can buy? There is a strong argument for that statement, and we will do our best in this review to give you the details you need to make the decision for yourself. The Palisade quilt falls in the Katabatic Elite Quilt series, featuring … Read more

ALASKAN TESTED! – Nemo Sleeping Bag Review | Nemo Stalker 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Nemo Stalker Sleeping Bag Review - Nemo sleeping bag review.

Is there any better place to test gear than Alaska? This Nemo sleeping bag review was born from a hunt that I recently was able to go on….a hunt of a lifetime. I was the lucky winner of an Alaskan brown bear hunt through a raffle, and to make it even better, the hunt was … Read more

Zpacks Zip Around Sleeping Bag Review | 20F Tested

Zpacks Zip Around sleeping bag review

Are you looking to shave weight from your pack without sacrificing comfort? That was our goal with this Zpacks Zip Around Sleeping Bag review. The design of this new Zpacks Zip Around Sleeping Bag is one that lends itself to comfort rather than Zpacks’ typical air at being the most ultralight gear on the market, … Read more

Sea to Summit Ascent Review | 15 Degree Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Sea to Summit Ascent Sleeping Bag Review

Whether you are backpacking, hunting, or camping a good sleeping bag is one of the most essential pieces of gear. This Sea to Summit Ascent review was born from the need to stay warm in the backcountry while keeping the weight to a minimum but also not sacrificing versatility. The Sea to Summit Ascent sleeping … Read more

Feathered Friends Eider Review | EX -10 Winter Sleeping Bag

Feathered Friends Eider EX -10 Sleeping Bag

After an experience I had several years ago, I set out to find a cold weather sleeping bag. Enter this Feathered Friends Eider review. Whatever winter sleeping bag I end up with needs to meet the challenge of the weather I am willing to take on in order to have a successful hunt. When your … Read more

0°F – Feathered Friends Ibis Review | Elite Winter Sleeping Bag?

Feathered Friends Ibis Review

Some frigid temperatures on recent hunts left me wanting to find a really good winter sleeping bag which prompted this Feathered Friends Ibis review. When it’s really cold out and you want to keep hunting, hiking or backpacking, having the right sleeping bag is not only critical, but can keep you in the field and … Read more

Sea to Summit Alpine Sleeping Bag Review -1 Degree Field Tested

Sea to Summit Alpine Sleeping Bag Review

When it’s bitter cold out and you want to keep hunting, having the right sleeping bag is critical. Enter this Sea to Summit Alpine sleeping bag review. While many of us may shy away from spending nights in a tent when temperatures drop below zero, if you have the right equipment, it really can be … Read more

Katabatic Alsek 22 Review | Katabatic Elite vs Flex

Katabatic Alsek 22 Review

I’d been wanting to do a Katabatic Alsek 22 review for a while now after testing the Katabatic Flex last year and being so impressed with it. As a fan of backpacking quilts, I wanted to see what the Alsek could do, and really how it is different that the Flex Quilt that Katabatic offers. … Read more

20F Zpacks Classic Sleeping Bag Review | Ultralight Warmth

Zpacks Classic Sleeping Bag Review

So, you want the lightest of the light but still need to stay warm in the backcountry? You may want to take a look at this Zpacks Classic Sleeping review. The Zpacks Classic Sleeping Bag is one of the the lightest sleeping bags you’ll find on the market. Then again, that’s not surprising coming from … Read more

5 Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag Review | Field Tested

Best ultralight sleeping bag

Looking for the best ultralight sleeping bag but having a hard time knowing what is best for your situation? There are so may options out there, each with different temperature ratings, and often times each sleeping bag has multiple temperature ratings. To make matters worse, some companies give you their “comfort” ratings while others only … Read more