Best Ultralight 3 Person Tent? | Zpacks Triplex Review

Zpacks Triplex review - best ultralight 3 person tent?

It is rare in backcountry hunting to be able to literally cut POUNDS from your pack without significant sacrifices to comfort. Enter this Zpacks Triplex review. The Zpacks Triplex Tent is a true ultralight 3 person tent that packs up so small you will hardly know it is in your pack. Now, taking a step … Read more

Durston X Mid 1P Tent Review | Lightweight + Affordable

Durston X Mid 1 tent review

Why would I want to do a Durston X Mid review? Well, over many years of running multiple different tents, I typically found myself only bringing freestanding tents on backpack hunting trips due to their ability to handle the elements and their ease of setting up in less than ideal ground conditions. However, the most … Read more

Zpacks Plex Solo Review | UNBELIEVABLE 13.9 oz UltraLight Tent

Zpacks Plex Solo tent review

Having tested the Zpacks Altaplex in recent years, when I saw the Zpacks Plex Solo 1-person tent, I REALLY wanted to do this Zpacks Plex Solo Review. Even lighter than the Altaplex, this tent is a stunning 13.9 ounces and packs down super small. So what do you give up with the Zpacks Plex Solo … Read more

Kodiak Canvas Tent Review | Detailed 12×12 Cabin Tent Review

Kodiak Canvas tent review. Kodiak Canvas 12x12 cabin lodge tent review.

Camping in cold weather doesn’t have to be miserable. In fact, if you use a Kodiak Canvas tent like this Kodiak Canvas 12×12 Cabin Lodge tent, it can be downright comfortable. Winter camping has become one of my favorite kinds of camping as I’m a sucker for a cozy wood burning stove as my heat … Read more

Argali Rincon 2P Tent Review | Argali Hot Tent – Best Ultralight 2P Hot Tent?

Argali Rincon 2p tent review. Ultralight hot tent

My quest for the perfect backcountry tent is what lead me to do this Argali Rincon 2P Tent review.  As some will remember, I was previously using the Six Moons Designs Haven Ultralite Tent, and while that tent served me well through some harsh conditions, I wanted something a bit more robust and versatile, something … Read more

Six Moon Designs Owyhee Review | Light weight & Versatile 2P Shelter

Six Moon Designs Owyhee Tarp Bundle Review

How well you sleep in the backcountry is one of those things that can significantly impact your experience in the great outdoors. This Six Moon Designs Owyhee tent review takes a look at one of the three most important pieces of sleeping gear that are foundational in getting a good night’s sleep and having a … Read more

Springbar Tent Review | Springbar Classic Jack 140 Review | Challenge Old Man Winter

Springbar Tent review - Springbar Classic Jack 140 review

If you’ve ever tried to camp in the cold weather it can be downright miserable. That is unless you have the right setup like the a Springbar Classic Jack 140 hot tent paired with the Winnerwell Woodlander Double View stove. This combination proves to be more than just manageable, but extremely comfortable keeping you toasty … Read more

White Duck Tents Review | Detailed 16FT Regatta Bell Tent Review

White Duck Regatta Bell Tent Review - White Duck Tents Review

If you’ve ever tried to camp in the cold weather it can be downright miserable. That is unless you have a heat source. White Duck Tents offers a wide selection of canvas tents that are wood stove compatible, which is an absolute must if you plan to be out in cold weather. We had the … Read more

Durston X-Mid Pro 2P Review | Stupid Light But Storm-Worthy?

Durston X-Mid Pro 2 Tent Review

Over the last 4+ years, we’ve had the privilege of testing many ultralight tents. This Durston X-Mid Pro 2 review comes from those years of experience and everything we’ve learned through all of that testing. Among the many ultralight tents we’ve tested over the years, a good number of them were made from Dyneema, which … Read more

Detailed Seek Outside Redcliff Review | 4P Ultralight Hot Tent

Seek Outside Redcliff review - Ultralight Hot Tent

Ultralight hot tents are not only a thing, they are a game changer. This Seek Outside Redcliff review comes after our review of the Seek Outside Cimarron Light that we tested last year but found to be a bit tight for those trips with more than two people when we needed the comfort of the … Read more