Mystery Ranch Marshall Pack Review | 6400ci Backcountry Pack | Ordinary or Extraordinary?

Mystery Ranch Marshall Pack Review

Hunting packs are one of the most vital pieces of gear to any western hunter, and the Mystery Ranch Marshall is designed to fill that need for the person who wants a pack not only capable of carrying the gear required for backpack hunting trips but is also designed to come out heavy if you … Read more

Seek Outside Backpack Review | Lanner 5400 Review – Envy Worthy Weight Savings

Seek Outside Backpack review - Seek Outside Lanner backpack review

Over the years we’ve had the chance to test quite a few hunting backpacks. The Seek Outside backpack lineup isn’t one you may be quite as familiar with, but if you are looking to shave some ounces, while still maintaining the ability to pack heavy loads, the Seek Outside Lanner 5400 backpack is worth a … Read more

Women’s Mystery Ranch Metcalf Review | 4335ci Women’s Hunting Backpack

Mystery Ranch Metcalf Backpack Review - Women's and Youth Hunting Pack

This Women’s Mystery Ranch Metcalf review was born from the fact that more and more women are hunting and want a backpack specifically designed for their body type. There just aren’t that many women’s hunting backpacks on the market, and until more recently, women who wanted to hunt had to use a men’s backpack but … Read more

Initial Ascent IA2K Pack Review | Best Women’s Hunting Pack?

Initial Ascent IA2K pack review - Best women's hunting pack

The Initial Ascent IA2K pack just might be the best women’s hunting pack ever made. Designed specifically for a lady’s body, the Initial Ascent Invictus Frame underwent rigorous testing to make sure it was designed to fit the different curves of a woman’s frame. We’ve gotten the chance to test some of the best hunting … Read more

Mystery Ranch Beartooth 80 Review | Massive Load Hauler

Mystery Ranch Beartooth Pack Review

This Mystery Ranch Beartooth 80 pack review was born from the intriguing design that the Beartooth 80 offers, along with its generous size, making it a great option to be used on extended backpack trips. The real question for me though, was how it would do in the field with a load, and how it … Read more

IA4k Initial Ascent Pack Review | Unique Load-Hauling Ability

Initial Ascent IA4K Pack

We’ve gotten the chance to test some of the best hunting packs out there, and we really wanted to put together an Initial Ascent Pack review after seeing the design and specs of these Initial Ascent packs. Like always, we wanted this review to come from actual use and field testing where we could really … Read more

Exo K3 4800 | Ultimate Test | Exo Mountain Gear Pack Review

Exo Mountain Gear K3 4800 Pack

In this Exo K3 4800 review we take a look at the popular Exo Mountain Gear pack and how it performed for us in the field with both light and heavy loads. The Exo K3 4800 provides phenomenal load-hauling ability and a functional bag design while still maintaining an incredibly light weight. We had the … Read more

Mystery Ranch Selway 60 Review – Field Tested

Mystery Ranch Selway 60

The Mystery Ranch Selway 60 Pack was one of the new packs from Mystery Ranch in 2019.  We decided it would be a perfect fit for our backcountry hunting pack review series given its light weight, minimalist design, load hauling ability, and multi-night capacity.  We had the chance to test this pack in many conditions … Read more

Blacks Creek Alt X Ultra Review 6000 ci | Huge & Versatile

Blacks Creek Alt X Ultra

It’s not easy picking a backpack. With so many variables and the cost of a high quality pack, it’s tough to know which one to pick, so we set out to test a bunch of packs with heavy loads and experimented with how each of the features worked in the field. We hope this helps … Read more