Tricer Tripod Review | Tricer-BC vs Tricer-AD vs GTP-1 – Innovative Game Changers?

Tricer USA Tripod review

I first learned about Tricer tripods several years ago when I heard founder Drew Miles on a hunting podcast describe several products they were producing for backcountry hunters, including some innovative tripod designs that utilized trekking poles for legs such as the Tricer GTP-1. That discussion piqued my interest and I have followed them ever … Read more

10 Best Ultralight Tripods – 2lb Weight Class

Best ultralight tripods compared - Ultralight tripod review

Looking for the best ultralight tripod for your outdoor adventure? What is the best ultralight tripod for hunting and backpacking? What features are important, and what features are negotiable? The world of ultralight tripods has a ton of options, but for this review we have narrowed it down to the two pound weight class. Personally, … Read more

Field Optics Research MicroLite Review | 2.4lbs Ultralight Tripod

field optics research microlite review

In the market for a new tripod? Over the past year, we had the opportunity to test an ultralight tripod for this Field Optics Research MicroLite review. I was able to pair the Field Optics Research FT-5017C (Carbon Fiber version) tripod with the Field Optics Research Ultra Low-Profile Pan Head. Like with other gear we … Read more

5 Ultralight Hunting Tripod Review: Versatile | Light | Sturdy

Ultralight hunting Tripods

Best Utralight Hunting Tripods

Which ultralight hunting tripod will be your go to this year? With so many options on the market these days, it can be difficult to sort though them all to find what best fits your needs. Do you need a carbon fiber tripod or will an aluminum one do the trick? Is there a best tripod for spotting scopes as far as stability? What are some of the features that make up the best tripod for hunting?

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