BioLite BaseCharge 600 & 1500 Power Station And Solar Generator Review | What You Never Thought Possible

Biolite Basecharge 1500 and Basecharge 600 review - Portable solar power generators

The world has come a long ways in the products available for our outdoor adventures. Power stations like the BioLite BaseCharge 600 and BaseCharge 1500 and their ability to be charged via 100 watt (W) solar panels exemplify this and open up a world of powered possibilities when we are away from home. Things I … Read more

ALASKAN TESTED! – Nemo Sleeping Bag Review | Nemo Stalker 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Nemo Stalker Sleeping Bag Review - Nemo sleeping bag review.

Is there any better place to test gear than Alaska? This Nemo sleeping bag review was born from a hunt that I recently was able to go on….a hunt of a lifetime. I was the lucky winner of an Alaskan brown bear hunt through a raffle, and to make it even better, the hunt was … Read more

Kodiak Canvas Tent Review | Detailed 12×12 Cabin Tent Review

Kodiak Canvas tent review. Kodiak Canvas 12x12 cabin lodge tent review.

Camping in cold weather doesn’t have to be miserable. In fact, if you use a Kodiak Canvas tent like this Kodiak Canvas 12×12 Cabin Lodge tent, it can be downright comfortable. Winter camping has become one of my favorite kinds of camping as I’m a sucker for a cozy wood burning stove as my heat … Read more

16 Best Coolers For Camping, Hunting, Ice Retention & The Money | A Truly Objective Cooler TEST!

Best Coolers for camping, hunting, fishing, and best cooler for the money

What are the best coolers on the market? What are the best coolers for camping? What about the best coolers for hunting? What are the best coolers for the money? There are SO MANY ice chests out there that sorting through them is nearly impossible, which is why we dove into this project and did … Read more

Springbar Tent Review | Springbar Classic Jack 140 Review | Challenge Old Man Winter

Springbar Tent review - Springbar Classic Jack 140 review

If you’ve ever tried to camp in the cold weather it can be downright miserable. That is unless you have the right setup like the a Springbar Classic Jack 140 hot tent paired with the Winnerwell Woodlander Double View stove. This combination proves to be more than just manageable, but extremely comfortable keeping you toasty … Read more

White Duck Tents Review | Detailed 16FT Regatta Bell Tent Review

White Duck Regatta Bell Tent Review - White Duck Tents Review

If you’ve ever tried to camp in the cold weather it can be downright miserable. That is unless you have a heat source. White Duck Tents offers a wide selection of canvas tents that are wood stove compatible, which is an absolute must if you plan to be out in cold weather. We had the … Read more