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If you’ve been around archery, you probably know that Black Gold Sights makes some top notch bow sights.  The new Black Gold Mountain Lite sight with the dual indicator system is no exception as they’ve brought a new design to this sight, along with the famous Black Gold Sights pins.  So what’s different about this new Black Gold Mountain Lite sight? Well, for starters, the new Black Gold Dual Indicator System offers two different pin indicators which gives you multiple yardage indicators without moving your sight. We’ll get into how that works below, as well as how to set it up.

Check out our review of the Black Gold Pro sight as well if the Mountain Light sight isn’t quite what you are looking for.

Black Gold Mountain Lite Sight

Black Gold Mountain Lite Sight

The new Black Gold Sight Mountain Light sight gives you get a TON of adjust-ability.  The Mountain Lite uses the same sight housing as the Ascent Verdict Assault, making adjustments a breeze.  The windage and elevation adjustment are moved by loosening the lock-down bolt, making the adjustment, and tightening down the screw. Super easy to get your setup dialed in! Make sure to the check out our YouTube channel for videos on setting up Black Gold Sights (below as well).

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Black Gold Mountain Lite Sight ML3 Base

Black Gold Mountain Lite ML3 Base

This new Mountain Lite ML3 base is a smaller, lighter base that makes the Mountain Lite super lightweight, coming in at only 8.26 ounces for the 5 pin model. The new Black Gold ML3 base doesn’t offer any adjustments towards and away from your riser as it attaches directly to the bow. If you are someone who likes having that adjust-ability, you can swap out the ML3 base with either the Black Gold Wing Truss (4 and 6 inch lengths) or the Black Gold Dovetail (4 and 6 inch lengths).

Black Gold Dual Indicator System

Black Gold Mountain Lite Sight

Leave it to Black Gold sights to come up with a way to have two yardage indicators that you can adjust to meet your own needs. What’s different about this dual indicator system? Unlike others on the market, you can move each yardage indicator to line up with whichever pin you choose. For instance, I’ve got this one set up so the top indicator is lined up with my 40 yard pin, while the bottom indicator is lined up with my 60 yard pin.

This setup made sense for me out west here, but a different setup like 30 and 50 or 30 and 60 might make sense depending on your application. The ability to adjust each indicator individually is the beauty of this dual indicator system.

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Check out this video for a rundown of how to set up the Black Gold Mountain Lite sight. We also test out the dual indicator system to see how it works.

Black gold Mountain Lite Weight

The Black Gold Mountain Lite Sight weight is one of the benefits of this Mountain Lite Sight. The Mountain Lite saves you a few ounces compared to something like the Black Gold Pro Sight if you are looking to shave weight from your bow setup.

  • 5 Pin weight: 8.26oz

Black Gold Mountain Lite 2nd Axis Adjustment Screws

Black Gold Mountain Lite Sight

One of the frustrations I’ve had with the design on the Black Gold Sights is getting the 2nd axis set. I found it difficult to keep the 2nd axis from moving slightly when tightening down the two hex heads. It seemed like I’d get it perfectly level, then the act of tightening down the two screws would move it just enough to pull it out of level. With the Black Gold Pro sight you get a new leveling screw to make this process easier, but the Mountain Lite sight is like the Ascent Verdict where it requires a manual movement to adjust the 2nd axis.

Really, the Black Gold has two different 2nd axis adjustments. The first is just to the right of the sight tape in the picture above, and the other is the sight ring level, adjusted by the two hex head screws on the right hand side of the orange ring. Both of those adjust the 2nd axis, but you’ll want to make sure to set the first of those two 2nd axis screws (by the sight tape), then move out and set the bubble on the sight ring.

Black Gold Mountain Lite Quiver Mounting

Black Gold Mountain Lite Sight

The Black Gold Mountain Lite works with most quivers on the market, but I set my bow up with the Tight Spot Quiver. Quiver mounting is quick and easy with the new ML3 base.

Black Gold Mountain Lite pins

Black Gold Mountain Lite Sight

Black Gold pins are known for being bright and reduce blur as well as any sight.  If you’ve had experience with the pins on other Black Gold sights, you’ll find that these are the same high quality pins. It’s just tough to beat Black Gold pins, and these Mountain Lite pins are no exceptions.

Black Gold Mountain Lite Sight Pin Adjustments

Black Gold Mountain Lite Sight

Adjusting the pins on the new Black Gold Mountain Light sight simple and easy. Loosen the pin screw to allow for the pin to be moved up or down and tighten it back up. Each pin individually adjusts giving you precise vertical adjustment for each pin. It’s also very easy to remove a pin if you need to.

Mountain Lite Fiber Optics and Pin Housings

Black Gold Mountain Lite Sight

The Black Gold Mountain Lite Sight gives you same fiber optic housing as the Ascent Verdict Assault, giving you top notch light gathering for super bright pins. These pins are super durable and can be customized in a variety of colors and sizes. I’ve really come to love the S&S Archery setup with the following:

  • .019 – Green
  • .019 – Green
  • .019 – Yellow
  • .010 – Green
  • .010 – Green

After more experimenting, I decided to actually remove the top pin, and go with a 4 pin setup. Doing it this way I sight in my top pin at about 27 yards, then the rest of the pins at 40, 50 and 60 yards. Most of my shots are inside 30 yards, so this makes things super easy. My top pin is used for most shots. This setup takes a little getting used to if you’ve used a traditional multi-color setup, but once you do, it’s second nature. Plus, the green and yellow pins offer the best light gathering and least amount of halo effect, so you really get a dynamite setup.

What stayed the same

The Black Gold Mountain Lite sight still gives you the angled tape, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment features, a ton of housing ring colors to choose from, custom pin setup (if you choose), and the famous Black Gold “Dial of Death”.

What I didn’t like

Black Gold Mountain Lite ML3 Base


As with the Ascent Verdict, The 2nd axis bubble adjustment can be a bit tedious to get just perfect.  It seems like when you get it all set, the act of tightening it down moves it just a little. You get the hang of it after a while, but it just seems like there could be a better/easier way. The 2nd axis screws by the sight tape can be similarly frustrating, but you get the hang of it after a bit.


I also wish the Black Gold Mountain Lite Sight had better instructions. With a sight in this price range I’d like to see a more comprehensive set of instructions. Between setting the 2nd and 3rd axis, dual indicator and sight tape, there are a lot of adjustments that can be made on this sight. The included instructions leave a bit to be desired. We put together a few videos to help guide you through the process though. (See below).

Black Gold Mountain Lite Sight Setup

Check out the videos over on the Backwoods Pursuit YouTube Channel as well as below, showing you how to set up Black Gold Sights, getting the 2nd and 3rd Axis level, as well as getting your Black Gold Sight Tape set up. Make sure you subscribe and hit that bell notification to catch more videos as they drop!

Black Gold Sights Customer Service

Black Gold takes care of its customers. They back their products with a full lifetime warranty.  Bottom line, if you have any issues with your sight they make sure you are taken care of.  You can rest assured the sight will be back in your hands in no time.


This is a fantastic new sight from Black Gold. The pins are incredibly bright, it’s built like a rock, has a ton of adjustments, and is extremely well built. Yeah, it’s not a cheap bow sight, but once you use it, you’ll be glad you picked one up!

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