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It’s no secret that in recent years, ammunition has been harder to come by. In this Ammo Squared review, we explore a new and different way of shopping for ammo. What is different about Ammo Squared? Well, A LOT is different. AmmoSquared changes the way you shop for ammunition and delivers it right to your door. You control how much you want to spend each month, how often it ships out, and what calibers and uses of ammo you get. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s go over what Ammo Squared is.

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What Is It – AmmoSquared Review

Ammo Squared review

Ammo Squared is an online ammo subscription service that allows you to “set it and forget it” so you get a monthly allotment of whatever ammo you are looking to add to your collection. Everything from rifle to shotgun, handgun and 22, they have you covered for most of the ammo you are looking for. You decide how much per month you want to budget and what ammo you want your budget to go towards, and they build what they call a “crate” for you. Once your crate hits a certain value (which you set), the ammo ships out to you. It is pretty simple.

Why would you want to use an ammo subscription service like Ammo Squared? I can think of a couple reasons that make a whole lot of sense to me:

  • Huge time saver
  • Ability to budget
  • Ability to allot whatever percentage to each caliber you want
  • Free shipping (once your crate order hits $250)
  • Solid value

You will save a TON of time running around town or searching online for the ammo you want. Simply set up what percentage of each caliber you want and they do the rest. You can budget whatever works for you so you don’t break the bank on an impromptu trip to the sporting goods store. Rather, you set it up and know that you are going to spend say $100 per month, and get some of all the calibers you need. Pretty cool system.

How To get Started – AmmoSquared Reviews

Ammo Squared review

Once you have created an account and logged in to Ammo Squared, you can look around at their prices, ammo offerings, etc. The first thing you’ll want to do is build a crate to get started. To do this, you’ll start by clicking the “New Crate” button. Let’s walk through the process.

Building A crate

Once you are logged in and have an idea of what ammo you want to start adding to your crate, select “New Crate” in the top left hand corner. This will take you through a few steps to make sure you get what you want in your crate.

Ammo Squared review

Next, you’ll need to select if you want to add rifle, shotgun, or handgun ammo to your crate. To start, you just add one, but you can go and add whatever variety you want later.

Ammo Squared review

Once you’ve selected what type of gun, you then select what caliber you want to start with. Initially you just select one to start and then you can easily add more later on.

Ammo Squared review

This is where I started to have questions. The way Ammo Squared works is that you select the type of use you want to use the ammo for rather than a specific round or load. So if you want to stock up on practice 10mm ammo, you’d select the practice option. What this does is allows them to fill your crate with practice rounds for that caliber that are going to be full boxes, but each box might have different brands (or they may all be the same).

In my order, I received all similar boxes in 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP, but in 10mm I received full boxes of two different brands. This isn’t a big deal to me for practice rounds, but I could see how it could be an issue if you were wanting to get a specific factory round for your favorite hunting rifle.

Ammo Squared review

Next, to build your Ammo Squared crate, you’ll select what budget you want to set. Your budget can be as little as $5.00 per month on up from there. It’s super nice that you can customize what you want to spend each month.

Next you’ll select how and when you want your ammo crate to ship. This part was a little confusing to me at first, but it’s really pretty simple. You can set your crate to ship according to the following options:

  • Store and hold it until you tell them to ship it
  • Alert you when you have complete boxes that reach a certain round count (say 200 rounds, so 4 full boxes of 10mm)
  • Alert you when there are full boxes ready to ship that reach the crate value you’ve selected
  • Ship on a time frame, like every month
Ammo Squared review
Ammo Squared review

One thing that confused and concerned me at first was what would happen if I allotted, say 30% of my $100 per month for 40 S&W ammo, but that 30% gave me 71 rounds of 40 S&W. I didn’t want a full box of 50 plus 21 loose rounds rolling around. Not to worry because AmmoSquared only ships full boxes so any “left overs” or odd numbers above or below a full box roll over to next shipment. Those “loose” rounds are stored for you until you have a full box ready to ship.

For instance, on my first order, my crate shipped with 8 full boxes (4 different calibers), and each caliber had some extra rounds that didn’t make up a full box, so those rounds sit in my “crate” until I’ve got a full box, and then it is eligible to ship once I tell them to ship. Makes perfect sense.

One thing to keep in mind is that you get free shipping if you wait until your crate value is over $250. But even if you don’t, their shipping cost is very reasonable compared to others I’ve used.

Shipping Your AmmoSquared Order

When the time comes that you want to get the ammo in your crate shipped to you, view your crate, and at the bottom you’ll see what you have that is shippable (full boxes). You’ll see the link to “see shipping options.” Give that a click and your ammo will be on its way!

Ammo Squared review

AmmoSquared Prices

One of my initial questions, and likely yours as well, was what the cost of ammunition would be using Ammo Squared. I was pleasantly surprised to find Ammo Squared prices to be very competitive with the market, especially given that if you let your subscription crate value grow to $250, your shipping is free. I’ve seen some insane shipping costs out there on ammo, so the free shipping significantly lowers your per round cost.

A couple examples of the pricing I found:

  • 9mm: 0.38 per round
  • .40 S&W: 0.42 per round
  • .45 ACP: 0.53 per round
  • 10mm: 0.75 per round.

Now prices change, so you may not see the exact prices I listed above when you read this article, but those are competitive prices, especially with free shipping. Are they the lowest ammo prices out there? Certainly not, but you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget and you can sit back and know ammo will be showing up at your door step soon. Plus it eliminates impulse buying and time/gas money going from store to store to find what you need which will also keep costs down for you. Keep in mind that the ammo you get isn’t going to be re-manufactured either, so you know you are getting new rounds from reputable brands.

Ammo Squared Discount Code

Thanks to the folks over at Ammo Squared who are giving you a free $20 credit when you try a subscription! No commitment and you can go test drive the Ammo Squared service and see if it’s for you. Make sure to use the button below, or click this link for your credit.

Get Your FREE $20 Credit!

Stopping and Starting your AmmoSquared Service

Another question I had when I first looked into Ammo Squared was how easy it was to stop or pause the service if I wanted to. I didn’t want a long commitment if I wasn’t pleased with the service. If you want skip a “reload” as they call it, for one or multiple months, simply click on the “Inventory” tab on the left:

Ammo squared review

Next, select “View Crate” on whichever crate you are wanting to pause your subscription.

Ammo squared review

Once you have clicked on “View Crate”, you’ll see a number of options near the top of the page. Click on the “Reload” option to manage your allocation of funds:

Ammo squared review

With this tab selected, scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the option to “Skip Reload” or “Delete”. Clicking “Delete” will permanently stop the monthly reloading of that crate, while “Skip Reload” will give you several options for how long you would like to pause your subscription. Click the “Skip Reload” button and you’ll see the following:

Ammo squared review

Select the length of time you’d like to pause your subscription and you are set!

AmmoSquared made it super easy to pause or delete your subscription whenever you want. No long term commitment and you can pause or end it any time.

What I liked – Ammo Squared Review

The concept of a subscription ammo service isn’t one you see much in the ammo space, and really not one I’d heard of before AmmoSquared. I was a little skeptical at first, but after working through the setup process, your work is done and you just sit back and wait for your ammo to arrive on your door step. I found that doing this actually saved money on ammo, because I was less likely to buy in bulk because I knew I had my Ammo Squared account set up and working for me. Now I reload for my precision rifle rounds, so Ammo Squared doesn’t help me there, but for my other ammo, this is fantastic.

What I didn’t Like: Ammo Squared Review:

There was really only one thing that I didn’t love about AmmoSquared, and that was not being able to select a specific round or load for my crate. For my practice rounds, it’s not such a big deal, but when I’m buying ammo for my hunting rifles, I want to know I’m getting the exact same load every time once I’ve found a load that shoots well in my gun. For me, that’s a deal breaker with the rifle ammo. To be fair, I now reload all my rifle ammo, but before I did, I always bought the same load that I knew shot well in my gun.

One other thing that I wish Ammo Squared offered was reloading components. I know reloading isn’t even part of this review, but a subscription service with the ability to select the exact reloading components I need would most certainly be something I’d be interested in.

  • Unable to select specific ammo
  • No reloading components
  • A little confusing at first

Conclusion: Ammo Squared Review

Before experimenting for this review, I’d never heard of Ammo Squared, but after going through the process from start to finish, I can say this is a pretty slick service. If you are someone who visits the range regularly and finds yourself always swinging by your local sporting goods store to stock up on ammo, Ammo Squared is most certainly worth a look. As I mentioned above, I wish you could select a specific round and load, but for my handgun practice rounds, it’s not as big of a deal.

Try AmmoSquared Today!

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