Kuhl Capris Review | Kuhl’s 3 Best Hiking Capris

Here at Backwoods Pursuit, we have done a lot of gear reviews on men’s clothing, and are excited to look at women’s outdoor clothing. KUHL has a fabulous line of clothes for men AND women that can be worn on outdoor hikes and adventures, yet are stylish and comfortable enough to be worn as casual, every-day clothes making their apparel super versatile.

For this KUHL hiking capris review we are looking at KUHL capri pants where I was able to try out 3 different styles; the KUHL Freeflex Roll-up, KUHL Kultivatr, and KUHL Trekr kapri.

Kuhl Women's Capris

Each of these styles of KUHL capris can be worn literally anywhere, from hiking in the backwoods to walking a golf course and even in the workplace. All KUHL hiking capris are extremely comfortable making them something you’d even want to lounge around the house in. They come in a variety of earth tone colors depending on the specific type of capri with many gray, blue and brown tone options.

One sizing note on KUHL capris is that each style fits very differently, so depending on what style you choose, the size you choose might vary. I am 5’6″, 135 pounds and wore either a 6 or 8 depending on the fit. I originally ordered each of these KUHL capris in a size 10 as that is the size I wear for KUHL ladies pants, which seem to run a size or two too small. (Check out the review on Best Women’s Hiking Pants.) All to say, sizing is a bit tricky, and just because you wear one size in KUHL ladies pants, doesn’t mean the size will be the same in their capris.

KUHL Freeflex Roll-Up: KUHL Capri Pants Review

Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up - Kuhl Capris

Of the three styles I tried out for this KUHL capris review, the KUHL Freeflex Roll-Up were my favorite. All of KUHL capris are comfortable and provide increased range of motion, however, this style has more features that I really like for being active in the outdoors which makes this one of the best KUHL hiking capris for women. I was a size 8 in these KUHL Freeflex capris- and not a size 6- so they run a bit smaller.


The KUHL Freeflex Roll-Up capris have a built-in “sunscreen” in them with an UPF 50+ which makes these a must have for pursuing the backwoods, especially during those summer months. It is a nice bonus to know you have added protection from the sun when out exploring.

Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up - Kuhl Capris

For this KUHL capris review, I wore these while hiking in the Boise foothills in Idaho this spring, just when people are beginning to think about wearing sunscreen, but not feeling like the sun is intense enough yet for that. This sunprotective fabric is an epic idea, and I wish all of KUHL ladies pants had this in them, because no matter what the season, protection from the sun’s harmful rays is a huge plus!

They are a lightweight, quick drying material perfect for spring and summer. They are a relaxed fit with a somewhat stretchy fabric which make them ideal for being active in, yet the material is such that they would even be great to wear at the office.

Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up - Kuhl Capris

The KUHL Freeflex Roll-Up capris have snaps on both sides of the legs to easily make them a capri or pant, giving them a uniformed look where the length is even all the way around each leg. They have cargo pockets on the sides, which I prefer, pockets that snap in the rear, as well as a zippered front with a button at the top like standard pants. KUHL Freeflex Roll-Up capris come in 5 different colors as well; rainstorm, black, sage, flint and koal and are incredibly soft!


There wasn’t much not to like about these KUHL capris. Most of KUHL ladies pants come with a ribbon-style drawstring on the inside, which I find unnecessary. I found myself having to tuck the strings back into the front of the pants from time to time. If you get the size that fits you, these KUHL capris should stay where they are and you shouldn’t need a drawstring to cinch them up.

Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up - Kuhl Capris

With them being some of my favorite KUHL hiking capris, I do wish they came in an even larger variety of colors, instead of just the green/gray/blue hues. KUHL does have other color pants that are fun, but not in the KUHL Freeflex style. Also, I had to go up one size, to an 8 from a 6, so they do run a tad on the smaller side.

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KUHL Capris: KUHL Trekr Kapri Review

Kuhl Trekr Kapri - Kuhl Capri pants

Next up in our search for some of the best KUHL hiking capris, I tested the KUHL Trekr Kapri, which are made out of their exclusive “Rekoil” fabric, making them excellent for being active in. They are lighter weight, similar to the KUHL Freeflex, but not quite as soft, which make them an excellent option to wear for doing long hikes on the trail. They have the ability to cinch up as well, making them an even shorter capri.


These KUHL capris are super flexible, yet they hold their shape. The KUHL Trekr kapri has a slightly stretchy feel to them making them extremely comfortable. They are fashionable enough as well that they could be worn practically anywhere. They come in many different gray/blue colors as well as a new antique rose color which is super fun.

Kuhl Trekr Kapri - Kuhl Capri pants

The KUHL Trekr Kapri features flat pockets in the back and standard flat pockets on the sides. They also have a unique feature that I was really excited about. On the outer sides of each pant leg there is a slit-like pocket that unzips to access a small drawstring that can cinch up the legs, making them a shorter capri with a gathered look around the leg- feminine yet sporty.

KUHL Trekr pants review - Best women's hiking pants

The KUHL Trekr Kapri style fit more true to size for me as a size 6 was perfect. No one wants to say they’re a size larger if they don’t have to so this was definitely something I liked.


While the KUHL Trekr Kapri has the unique ability to cinch up higher and gather at the legs, an idea I absolutely LOVE, the pants only cinch up on the outside of each pant leg, so the inside portion of the pant leg wants to stay straight and hang lower making the legs uneven in length. An easy fix for this problem would be to add this drawstring feature on the inside of each leg as well.

Kuhl Trekr Kapri - Kuhl Capri pants

Because of the amazing “Rekoil” fabric, if you’re looking for something that is slimming, flattening out certain areas, these KUHL capris aren’t ideal, but since we’re reviewing capris to find some of the best hiking capris for women, that might not be a huge concern.

I would love to see the UPF 50+ sun protection in these capris like the KUHL Freeflex ones have, as these pants are definitely designed for wearing outdoors and being active in.

The front of these KUHL capris have a standard zipper, but instead of a button at the top, they have a snap which I found difficult at times to snap and undo. I had to almost “rip” them apart at the top to get them undone. A regular button would be an easy fix. They also have the ribbon-like drawstring on the inside, like the KUHL Freeflex capris have, which I found unnecessary and a bit annoying.

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KUHL Kultivatr Kargo Crop Review

Finally, in our search for some of the best KUHL hiking capris, I tested out the KUHL Kultivatr Kargo Crop pants. While not a true capri, they are considered a “crop” and go just above the ankles, these were one of my favorite KUHL capris for hiking. There isn’t anything fancy about the fabric with the KUHL Kultivatr– no UPF 50+ or “Rekoil” fabric- but they are amazing for being adventurous on or off the trail, while at work or at play.

The fabric KUHL uses for these pants slowly fade in the wash, giving them a rustic, country look to them over time. They come in 5 fabulous colors that are more unique, no blues or soft green tones with the KUHL Kultivatr Kargo Crop pants, but tuscan sun, pavement, carbon, tuscany, and sage.


As a woman, it is nice to feel like you look good in something too, no matter if you’re at home, on a trail or in the backwoods, and this fabric, being a bit thicker, was nice and slimming, hiding some unwanted rolls and curves without being restrictive, making these pants stylish and something you feel confident in. The cargo-style pockets on the rear are placed higher up which make these pants look great in the butt. An added bonus! They come in a variety of colors.

Kuhl Kargo Crop - Kuhl Capri Pants

These KUHL Kultivatr Cargo Crop pants are extremely stretchy as they have an elastic band around the waist, so you might not even need to unzip them to pull them on and off. Because of the band around the waist, they are super comfortable to wear when being active.

Though not a lightweight material, they are a thicker fabric which doesn’t easily snag or allow thorns and such to poke through as you walk through brush and bushes off trail. For me, these made them one of the best KUHL hiking capris. I like a pair of pants where I can trudge through a beaten path and not have to worry about my legs getting scraped up because the fabric of my pants isn’t thick enough.

Kuhl Kargo Crop - Kuhl Capri Pants

The cargo pockets are great, especially if you actually use them to carry things in, which I tend to do when I’m out in the backwoods. These pockets, as well as the ones in the rear, all button- and don’t snap- which I find easier to do and undo if you’re actually going to use them.


In the picture of the KUHL Kultivatr Kargo Crop pants on their website, the pant legs are rolled up, making them look like more of a capri than just a crop, which is why I originally ordered these for this review. I was disappointed that there aren’t any buttons or snaps to be able to actually help keep them rolled up, like many of KUHL’s other women’s pants and capris. I love the ability to roll up my pant legs, and KUHL Kultivatr pants especially look great like this, but I wish there was a way to secure them so they don’t gradually fall down while hiking. A few snaps and these pants would be perfect and a true capri.

Kuhl Kargo Crop - Kuhl Capri Pants

As with some of the other pants and capris KUHL offers, I wish these has the UPF 50+ in them as well. And again, I’m not a fan of the drawstring on the inside to further cinch up the waist, but I believe that all of KUHL’s women’s pants have this feature. Some ladies might actually say this is a feature they like, so it comes down to personal preference.

There wasn’t much to not like about these crops, and they would make a great addition to your wardrobe for the outdoors. Unlike some of the other capris and pants KUHL offers, the Kultivatr isn’t as versatile in appearance as they are definitely only a casual capri/pant.

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KUHL Hiking Capris: What I Liked

Although each style of KUHL capris is different, they all have some general things I liked and didn’t like about them. Here is the rundown:

  • Super comfortable
  • Generally all light weight and breathable
  • Extremely versatile
  • Earth-tone colors to choose from
  • Stylish for hiking pants
  • Price point, especially given you can wear KUHL pants for many occasions
  • Unique features for each style of pants

KUHL Hiking Capris: What I Didn’t Like

  • Unique features need tweaked a bit
  • Unnecessary drawstring inside that gets in the way
  • The sizing is inconsistent so it is difficult to know which size to order
  • The UPF 50+ is only in some of their pants

KUHL Hiking Capris: Conclusion

Having the opportunity to try three different types of KUHL capris to do this review left me wanting to try every style they make! KUHL specializes in such a unique variety of pants for women, each having their own distinct features so there is something for everyone.

Although KUHL makes some of the best hiking capris on the market, they could really be marketed to just about any lady out there because of their incredible comfort and versatility. They are affordable and worth every penny, especially when considering KUHL women’s pants can be worn in so many different settings. I’m excited to try some more of their clothing line. You can’t go wrong as KUHL’s clothing is fabulous for the outdoor enthusiast to the professional woman in the office. They are stylish and practical and great for hiking.

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