Throom Targets Review | 4 Innovative Self-Healing Best Shooting Targets

What do you look for in shooting targets? Most people would say steel is what they shoot, but that’s where this unique Throom targets review comes in. Throom Self-Healing targets are a special line of targets that are designed for everyone’s shooting needs, from up close with your favorite pistol to long range fun with the rifle.

So why pick Throom Targets over your typical steel targets? To sum it up, they are so much lighter to take to the range, provide splatter-free shooting, last a long time, and make days at the range a blast. These targets are great for shooters of all skill levels and can be used with most guns at most distances.

What Are Throom Shooting Targets?

Throom targets review - best self healing targets

Throom self healing shooting targets are made from a lightweight polymer material that allows the bullet to go through the target, rather that mushroom or potentially ricochet off a steel target, ensuring that the bullets do nothing but bury in the dirt behind the target. No fragments or splatter from your bullets hitting a steel plate. This is particularly nice when shooting close range, or with low-power guns like a .22 caliber.

What Throom Targets We tested: Best Shooting Targets?

For this review we had the opportunity to test out a number of the styles that Throom Targets offers. Each has their place and use each one presents a different experience depending on if you are using a rifle or handgun. Most of them can be used for either though!

Pieces and Parts: Throom Targets Review

One of the nice things about Throom Targets is that they offer their products in either a full kit, that include 6 Throom targets and 6 bases, two Throom Alpha Brackets, and all the screws you need to assemble the full Plate Rack or you can pick up whatever pieces you need individually. It’s nice that you have the option to pick up only what you want, and not be forced to go with a full 6 target plate rack if you only want, say, a 3 target plate rack.

Assembly & Setup: Throom Targets Review

Because you have the option to pick up any number of targets and pieces, you can fully customize your Throom Targets if you want various targets on the same plate, or maybe just 3 targets on a plate rack, etc. The possibilities are endless, and you have the ability to make the setup work for exactly what you need.

Throom targets review - best self healing targets

Once you’ve built your plate rack to whatever specifications and styles of targets you want (there are directions included in each plate rack if you want to just build a traditional 6 target plate rack), setup is extremely fast and easy. Simply slide your pre-built plate rack into the Alpha Brackets, set the targets (if you are using the Knockdown Targets), and you are done!

Throom targets review - best self healing targets

Make sure to set them up so they don’t lean too far forward or they won’t react as they should. (More on that below.)

Durability: Throom Targets Review

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I’d be lying if I didn’t say I questioned the durability of these shooting targets as I started testing for this Throom Targets review. I mean, self-healing polymer up against rifle and pistol rounds? However, so far they have held up great. I’ll keep using these and update this review if anything changes, but these Throom Targets have held up well and seem like they will last a long time.

According to the Throom website, they will take at least 1000 hits from a .45 caliber round, and several thousand rounds from smaller calibers. I can definitely say that the .45 caliber I used on them did noticeably more damage than a 9mm, .40 caliber, and even more damage than my .243, 7mm-08 and 7mm Magnum rifles. Basically, the smaller the diameter bullet you shoot at these targets, the longer they are going to last beyond the stated 1000+ rounds.

Throom targets review - best self healing targets

I’ve not put anywhere near that many rounds through them yet, so I can’t definitively confirm that the longevity is what they state, but I’ll certainly update this article once I get that many rounds through them. As you can see above, the bullets don’t leave holes in the polymer, and they do self-heal. These shots are from a 9mm, .40 cal, and .45 cal.

Ease of Use: Throom Targets Review

Throom targets review - best self healing targets

Simply put, these Throom Targets are incredibly easy to set up and use. Once they are built to your liking, it takes just minutes to assemble each plate rack, and you are ready to shoot. That combined with the fact that they are very lightweight compared to steel targets makes taking them to your favorite range a breeze.

Setup & Use Tips: What We’ve Learned

We’ve learned a few things through this Throom Targets review that we thought would be valuable to share if you are considering picking up some Throom Targets.

Throom targets review - best self healing targets


An important key to having the most fun while shooting your Throom Targets is to make sure to set the target up at the optimal angle to get the desired response from the targets. This is primarily the case when using the Knockdown Series targets as they won’t fall when you hit them will a small diameter bullet if they are leaning too far forward. This was something we learned to be critical, particularly when shooting the Throom Targets with a rifle. On several occasions we had a verified hit with the target still standing.

At 465 yards, using my 7mm-08 with a 150gr Hornedy ELD-X bullet, the target was clearly struck, but did not fall. The bullet passed through the polymer but the Throom 8 inch Knockdown Target remained standing. In this case, we had the wind blow down the targets a couple times, so I adjusted them to lean as far forward as they could.

I figured it would be fine, especially given that we’d be shooting them at longer ranges with a rifle. However, I was wrong in that only 1 out of 4 confirmed hits actually fell. All that to say, when setting up the Throom Knockdown Targets, make sure to adjust them as close to vertical as possible so they fall when you hit them.


Have proper expectations when using these Throom Targets. The reality is that because they are built on a platform of wood, most pistols and rifles will quickly destroy the wood if you miss the target. Shoot enough and you’ll absolutely hit the wood, and if you let your family and friends enjoy them, you’ll likely have to repair or replace the wood more quickly. 2x4s are cheap and easy to work with, so it’s likely that minimal effort will need to be put into repairs, but expect it to happen.


On one occasion while shooting the Throom Dueling Tree, the bullet struck the 2×4, went through that, and proceeded to blow the Throom Target off the base. The first time this happened I was worried that I was going to have to replace the base at a minimum, but it was fine, and the target just needed to be reinserted to keep shooting.

On another occasion, my son missed the target with a rifle and hit the base, which did some significant damage to it, but I was able to reinsert the screw that held the base and it was good to go. A few of those types of hits to the same base, however, and it might cause you to replace it.

Bullet Velocities

One important thing to know is that all Throom Targets are designed to react to a bullet passing through them at certain velocity ranges.

The general guidelines directly from Throom are as such:

  • Over 1,250 fps: Shoot THROOM Targets at 75 yards or farther away; shooting closer will result in targets not reacting.
  • Between 750 fps and 1,250 fps: Shoot THROOM Targets from 5 yards to 75 yards away.
  • Under 750 fps: Do not use THROOM Targets with bullets traveling below 750 fps. Also, do not use THROOM Targets with pellet guns or BB guns as the pellets or BBs may bounce back.

That’s pretty basic guidance, and very easy to follow. If using your rifle, just be more than 75 yards away (which you would anyway), and if using a pistol make sure to be inside 75 yards.

What Sizes should I get?

Throom targets review - best self healing targets

Throom Shooting Targets come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to choose from when you are selecting what type of targets are going to best suit your needs. It’s fun to have some various shapes and sizes to shoot, and just about any of them work for all shooting situations, but generally I found the following to work well:

  • Long range rifle: 8″ Knockdown
  • Short to Medium Range Rifle: 6″ Knockdown
  • Piston shooting: 8″ Bounceback and 8″ Knockdown
  • Close range pistol shooting: 6″ Bounceback and 6″ Knockdown

Make sure to check out our other gear reviews and the Backwoods Pursuit YouTube Channel to help you decide what gear will help you stay out in the field longer!

I didn’t test the Hang Tuff Targets or any of the smaller targets such as the Prairie Dog Knockdown Targets, but those look like a lot of fun to use with a .22 or if you want a greater challenge with a pistol at short range or rifle at longer range. Either way, the nice thing is that it’s super easy to change sizes or shapes of the targets once you have the plate rack built.

What We liked: Throom Self Healing Targets

These Throom Shooting Targets were a blast to take to the range and made the day a whole lot more fun. A downside to that is that you’ll likely go through a lot more ammo as everyone is having a great time. A small price to pay for some good practice.


Throom targets review - best self healing targets

One of the huge benefits of the Throom Self Healing Targets is that they are very lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go. One person carrying an entire plate rack is super easy and can be done with ease.

Setup is extremely easy and can be done in about a minute. Make sure you set the Throom Knockdown Targets up so they aren’t leaning forward any more than they need to be, or they won’t react like they are supposed to as discussed above.


I love that these Throom Targets are free from the possibility of splatter or ricochet, particularly when shooting at close range. You can rest assured that the bullet leaving your gun will go through the target, leaving only a pin size mark while the polymer self heals. It’s pretty amazing. Shooting a 6mm bullet (a .243 rifle) left such a small mark (bottom right in the below picture) that it is hardly noticeable.


Throom targets review - best self healing targets

Throom Targets last a long time, save for the occasional time where you shoot wood supports out from under them, or hit the bases with an errant bullet. These can still take some of those misses, but if you hit the base too many times, you may find yourself needing to replace it, depending on where you hit it. Not a big deal and not expensive if you do.


Lastly, the Throom Shooting Targets are extremely fun to shoot. I know I tend to go to the range in search of that perfect group, or to refine my custom load, and mess with my rifle setup, but taking a break from that to just go practice and have some fun keeps up the enjoyment of shooting. These are also great for an outing with family and friends, particularly the dueling tree as you can compete against each other and never have to go downrange to reset the targets.

What We Didn’t Like: Throom Self Healing Targets

Overall, we had a great time at the range shooting these Throom Targets. However, there were a few things that were less than ideal, even if some of them were based on user error.


One of the primary downsides to the Throom Targets, if you are using them with your favorite rifle for long range target practice, is that you can’t see exactly where you hit the target unless you stick a target over the top of the Throom Targets or record the shot with a camera or phone (through a spotting scope) and can slow it down. Thankfully, you can buy a bundle package which includes some 6 inch or 8 inch targets that go over the target so you can see where you hit. Of course, you’ll have to replace those paper spatter targets each time you shoot.

Unlike steel targets, you can’t paint them before you hit the range, so identifying where you hit on the target from a long ways off is very difficult unless you cover the target with the splatter target. This is a bummer if you are shooting long range and want to not just identify IF you hit the target, but WHERE you hit the target. If you are wanting to cover the target with a splatter target, I’d recommend going with a Bounceback target as the Knockdown Targets would fall out of sight before you could see where you hit.


Throom targets review - best self healing targets

Because the targets and bases are polymer and very flexible, if you hit the plate in the wrong spot, namely at the base where it attaches to the 2×4, at best the plate will fly off and require you to go down range and put it back on the plate rack. However, at times, hitting that base can cause significant damage to it, requiring it to be reattached or even replaced. I never had to replace a base, but one of them got hit a few times and may need to be if it takes a too many more beatings in the wrong spot.


On one of my trips to the range, the wind was blowing pretty hard, so the plates of the Throom Knockdown Plate Rack kept getting blown down after I set them up. This was partly due to user error. I ended up using the adjustment knob to lean the plates all the way forward to make sure the wind wouldn’t blow them down, but then when I shot the targets, they wouldn’t fall when hit.

I must have leaned them too far forward, but I didn’t want to be 500 yards down range and have the wind blow them down. There is a “sweet spot” as I’ve learned through use, to make sure the targets react as they should, and leaning them too far forward will result in no reaction by the target, even when you hit them. This happened multiple times on this trip, and the only way we knew I hit the target was through the slow motion video we were taking through the spotting scope.


Throom targets review - best self healing targets

Thankfully 2x4s are cheap to replace as you will undoubtedly need to replace them from time to time (unless you are a stellar shot and never hit the lumber). From a cost standpoint, this is no big deal at all. However, from a convenience standpoint, it is a bit of a pain. Why? If you need to replace the 2×4 that the bases are attached to, you have to take the other plates of the plate rack and remount all of them. It’s certainly not hard, but an inconvenience.

Throom targets review - best self healing targets

Thankfully, I was able to repair the 2×4 by using a support on one of my plate racks (as you can see in the picture above) rather than replace the whole thing when my son missed the plate with the .243 and snapped the 2×4 in half. That’s the beauty of wood- it is usually easily repairable. If I hadn’t been able to repair it though, I would have had to unscrew them all, then remount all 6 plates on a new 2×4. Again, not a huge deal, but an inconvenience.


Throom targets review - best self healing targets

When you receive your Throom Targets, know that you will need to make a trip to the hardware store and pick up some 2x4s to get them built. You will need roughly three 2x4s per plate rack, but assembly is very easy. The instructions included are simple, and you don’t have to be a carpenter to get it done. You can even get it done relatively easily with a hand saw if needed.

Conclusion: Throom Targets Review

After doing the testing for this Throom Targets review, would we recommend them? Absolutely! They are well-made, durable, easy to transport, and simple to set up. Repairs are easy if you have a few stray shots that damage the wood, and your friends and family will want to join you for a fun day at the range.

While these aren’t the perfect option for those who are looking for precision long range practice if you want to know exactly where on the target you hit it, they will most certainly let you know if you hit the target as they are supposed to. Pick some up and give them a try, and I bet you find yourself going to the range a lot more just because they are so much fun.

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