KUHL Womens Shirts Review | 8 Comfortable and Classy Shirts

Here at Backwoods Pursuit, we have done a lot of gear reviews on men’s clothing, and are excited to look specifically at KUHL womens shirts. KUHL has a fabulous line of clothing for men AND women that can be worn on outdoor hikes and adventures, yet are stylish and comfortable enough to be worn as casual, every-day clothes making their apparel super versatile.

For this review on Kuhl women’s shirts we looked at some of our favorite long and short sleeve KUHL women’s shirts as well as two of Kuhl women’s light weight jackets. They have a variety of basic T-Shirt style pieces that are great for the outdoors because of what they feature, one of my favorites being the KUHL Merino Primo.

In my search for some of their best long sleeve Kuhl women’s clothing, I found two must-haves; the KUHL Engineered Hoody and the KUHL Stryde Hoody, along with two light weight women’s jackets, the KUHL Bandita FZ and the KUHL Bandita1/2 Zip Pullover, which became my best friend even in the summer months. I came away pleasantly surprised on how much I liked them all.

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The Testing: Kuhl Women’s Shirts

Kuhl womens shirts -

Many folks would consider Kuhl women’s clothing for those who love pursing the backwoods and enjoy being active outdoors. While this is definitely true, the wonderful thing about Kuhl’s women’s clothing is how versatile all of their products are. When you spend money on Kuhl clothing, you’re spending money on clothes that can be for nearly any occasion, and Kuhl women’s shirts are no different.

To get a good feel for these Kuhl ladies shirts, I wore them anywhere from around the house and church, to the golf course and trails throughout the Northwest during the spring, summer and fall, and fell in love with some of their pieces. Any of these Kuhl women’s shirts are great for these seasons, and perhaps, depending on where you live, in the winter as well if paired with one of the Kuhl women’s jackets.

Kuhl Women’s Shirts Review: Short Sleeve

Kuhl women's shirts

The biggest downside to the huge variety of KUHL ladies shirts is trying to narrow down which one you want to purchase. I found myself wanting one of ALL of their short sleeve shirts as each particular piece features a unique fabric with a specific purpose in mind that is different for each of them. So while many of the KUHL ladies shirts may LOOK similar, they are all very different in how they are made and the fabric used.

The KUHL BRAVADA short sleeve shirt features 100% organic, breathable cotton that is extremely soft and comfortable. The KONSTANCE is another “basic” solid T-shirt that also excels in comfort but is made of polyester, tencel and spandex with 50+ UPF sun protection, which I personally love for the summer.

The CASHMERINO tee and MERINO PRIMO tee are both very similar in that they are moisture-wicking and odor resistant. Since they are made with a blend of merino wool, it helps regulate your body temperature so when it’s cooler outside, it keeps you warmer, and when it’s super hot out, it helps cool you down. Merino is also some of the best fabric out there when it comes to odor mitigation.

KUHL Women’s Shirts: The Merino Primo

KUHL Merino Primo - KUHL Women's Shirts

Pictured above is the MERINO PRIMO in a navy. I wore this during miles of walking in the intense sun on golf courses all of over the Northwest with my son, and in the foothills of Idaho while hiking and getting ready for hunting season. It definitely is a go-to piece. Even though I picked a dark color, which usually isn’t the best idea for wearing on hot, summer days, because of the cooling wool fabric, this is still one of my favorite KUHL ladies shirts, and I didn’t regret choosing a dark color, although this particular piece comes in Antique Rose and Asphalt colors as well.

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KUHL Womens Shirts Review: Long Sleeve

Kuhl womens shirts -

While KUHL women’s clothing offers a greater variety for their long sleeve clothing line as far as looks go, I wanted to find some basic pieces that are more athletic and for the outdoor enthusiast but still great for dressing up a bit. For this review I came to absolutely love the KUHL Stryde Hoody and KUHL Engineered Hoody. While at first glance they both look very similar, they both have some unique qualities about them that I liked, but both are solid colors.

KUHL Long Sleeve Shirt: The Stryde Hoody

The Stryde Hoody, a KUHL long sleeve shirt, quickly became of my favorite KUHL women’s shirts as I wore it for everything- from pursuing the backwoods to church. While not made of merino wool, the unique fabric combination of polyester, tencel and spandex, still helps with moisture and temperature regulation. The fabric is super soft and has yet to ball up on me after lots of wearing and washing.

The fit is a little more trimming than KULH’s short sleeve shirts, so while I wear a SMALL in the short sleeve women’s shirts, I typically wear a MEDIUM in their long sleeve shirts. KUHL’s Stryde Hoody was no different.

KUHL Engineered Hoody - KUHL Women's Shirts

What I love about this particular KUHL long sleeve shirt is that it also has a UPF 25+ sun protection in it. If you’re wearing the Stryde Hoody in the cooler months, you might not think to wear sunscreen, so this is an added bonus for me as I’m fair skinned and love the added protection. I can throw on this shirt and go for a hike and not worry about getting damage from the sun I wouldn’t otherwise be thinking about.

I really like the design of the hood as it can actually function well if you want to use it. It isn’t just there for looks, although it can be as it’s stylish in how it lays while not in use. It fits nicely around the head and neck for protection from the wind and sun and actually stays in place, not blowing off with the first breeze it comes across.

This KUHL long sleeve shirt also has slits in the fabric for your thumbs so you can pull the sleeves down a bit to help keep your wrists and hands a bit warmer which is a feature I really like in a hoodie. It also has what KUHL calls a “casual kangaroo pocket” which also keeps your hands warm.

KUHL Engineered Hoody - KUHL Women's Shirts

What sets KUHL women’s clothing apart from some other lines of clothes is their versatility. While I loved this long sleeve shirt for enjoying the outdoors, believe it or not, I even wore this to church and some dinner dates. I put it over some tighter fit, straight leg skinny jeans with some tall boots (like the Koolarburra boots by UGG) and it was adorable.

There aren’t many clothing pieces out there that you can actually sweat in and dirty up, and then make classy and sexy enough to also wear in a completely different setting from the outdoors. Another reason I absolutely LOVE KUHL women’s clothing!

Unfortunately, they are no longer making the Stryde Hoody in my favorite antique rose color, so the one in the picture that I wore for this review you can’t get. Perhaps they’ll begin to carry it in this color again, but currently, the KUHL Stryde Hoody comes in a Ganache, Sea Salt, Veridian, and Pavement color.

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KUHL Long Sleeve Shirt: The Engineered Hoody

Kuhl women's shirts - KUHL Bandita FZ review

The Engineered Hoody is another KUHL long sleeve shirt I tried out for this review and I came to really like it as well. While my favorite is still the Stryde Hoody if I had to pick just one, this is another great option. For this review I wore this hoody in a light gray which they currently don’t carry, and unfortunately it now only comes in black.

This hoody also comes with a “kangaroo pocket” and thumb loops, and while the hood doesn’t stay on quite as well as with the Stryde Hoody, it is still nice to have. This KUHL long sleeve shirt also has a 30+ SPF sun protection, however, the main difference is in the fabric.

Kuhl women's shirts - KUHL Stryde Hoody review

The Engineered Hoody is made of a slightly more stretchy fabric and is 100% polyester. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be sweating in it though. It’s quite the opposite. When you hold the fabric up to the light you can see hundreds of teeny, tiny holes in it, almost like a very fine mesh. While not at all see through when on, these small holes make this KUHL long sleeve shirt extremely breathable.

I found myself wearing this even on hot summer days when I wanted something super cool but wanted full coverage on my arms to protect me from the sun’s damaging rays. This hoody is ideal for that! No need to wear sunscreen and it keeps the bugs off too while still allowing you to feel the breeze and cool off on a hot summer’s day. While still versatile, this hoody has a more athletic look to it and is better paired with KUHL’s women’s leggings for enjoying a hike or jog on a trail in the great outdoors.

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Light Weight Jackets: KUHL Women’s Shirts Review

Kuhl womens shirts -

For this section of KUHL women’s clothing, I wanted to find something that was a thin layer to wear over short sleeve shirts in the cool early morning and evenings on days when the weather eventually really warms up. Again, I was wanting something basic and super versatile and I found this in the KUHL Bandita FZ and the KUHL Bandita 1/2 Zip Pullover.

While not a traditional “jacket” if you will, both of these make a fantastic outer layer that is perfect when it’s slightly cool outside before it warms up or as the sun sets and the temperature slowly begins to drop. I love their light weight, thin material which also makes both of these perfect for tying around your waist when you’re not wearing it, and it isn’t bulky and awkward. They both are a must have of the KUHL women’s clothing line. Until having these pieces, I didn’t have anything in my closet even kind of like them.

The KUHL Bandita FZ: KUHL Women’s Shirts Review

Kuhl women's shirts - KUHL Bandita FZ review

The KUHL Bandita FZ is technically a lightweight jacket and you’ll find it in the outerwear section of KUHL women’s clothing on their website. Since it is so light, in many ways, it feels like a KUHL long sleeve shirt. It’s a full length, zippered jacket that is a great second layer when the seasons are in transition or during times of the day where you need a little added warmth. It features a hidden hoodie that can be zipped away unnoticed in the collar which is something I really liked about it.

Kuhl women's shirts - KUHL Bandita FZ review

The KUHL Banita FZ is such a versatile piece of KUHL women’s clothing that my teenage daughter, who dresses nothing like me, even fell in love with it and ended up stealing it out of my closet. She begged to make it her own and have it for keeps. Again, I can’t stress enough how versatile KUHL women’s clothing is!

Kuhl women's shirts - KUHL Bandita FZ review

Although mostly polyester, the added spandex makes this outerwear layer stretchy and easy to move in while being active. It features really good sun protection with a high UPF of 50+ (The higher the better in my book) and does really well at blocking the wind. Now mind you, you won’t want to take this as your wind breaker on a really cold day, but during warmer temperatures when there is a cool wind, this is a great option to keep you comfortable while enjoying the outdoors.

It features flat, zippered pockets that you hardly even know are there. It is a sleeker fitting jacket, so I got it in a medium while in some of their clothes I’m a small. The underarms on the Banidta FZ are a breathable mesh which doesn’t look much different from the rest of the jacket. This design blends in really well with the rest of the jacket and you might not even notice that it’s there at first.

Kuhl women's shirts - KUHL Bandita FZ review

There are also hidden thumb loops you might not even know are there in which to use to keep your hands warm. KUHL women’s clothing hits it out of the park again with this piece, as it keeps you cool in just the right places and warm in others making this a great addition to your wardrobe. It helps you feel comfortable while actively pursuing your passion in the outdoors.

Buy The Kuhl Bandita FZ

The Bandita 1/2 Zip Pullover

Kuhl women's shirts - KUHL Bandita 1/2 Zip Pullever review

The Bandita 1/2 Zip Pullover is more of a true KUHL long sleeve shirt as that’s where you’ll find it on their website. It really could also be considered a light weight jacket as well as it’s a great outwear layer. This piece is nearly identical to the Bandita FZ mentioned above with similar features however it’s technically considered a pullover since it only zips half way down and isn’t full length like the jacket. Material and weight wise, they are essentially the same.

While still sporting a sleek look with hidden thumb loops, stretchy 50+UPF sun protection, flat zippered pockets and breathable mesh underarms like the Bandita FZ, this piece currently comes in a white and rose color, so not as many color options to go with. The significant difference is the length of zippered section in the front and the fact that the hood does not zip into the collar.

Kuhl women's shirts - KUHL Bandita FZ review

Some people really love a hood that can zip away unnoticed, however, I tend to like a style of jacket where the hoody is always out and easily accessible, so I found myself wearing this piece more often than the actual Bandita FZ jacket.

The material is so light weight and breathable, I found myself wearing this KUHL long sleeve shirt over tank tops in the summer to keep me cool yet protected from the sun and bugs during the intense summers. It’s great in the spring as well for those cooler days while hiking and on the trail. The occasional warm spring day left me still wanting to wear this to protect my arms from ticks.

Kuhl women's shirts - KUHL Bandita FZ review

Again, this pull over is super versatile and is really cute with a pair of jeans and sneakers, but is ideal for the outdoor enthusiast with some hiking pants or leggings designed by KUHL.

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KUHL women’s Shirts Review: Conclusion

Whether it’s a basic, solid colored T-Shirt, KUHL long sleeve shirt, or even a light weight outerwear layer, KUHL women’s clothing has you covered. During this review, I honestly didn’t find a piece I didn’t like or wouldn’t want to have in my closet. My personal go-to pieces ended up being the Merino Primo for a short sleeve option, the KUHL Stryde Hoody for a long sleeve option, and the KUHL Bandita 1/2 Zip Pullover for a thin outwear piece that is a second layer.

You really can’t go wrong with any of KUHL women’s clothing. All of these articles of clothing wash up really well and are extremely versatile allowing you to wear them just about anywhere making the price tag worth it. KUHL prides themselves in their unique fabrics which range from breathable to moisture resistant, and odor controlling to sun protecting.

If I were to have one “complaint” if you will, is that I wish ALL of their clothes had the UPF sun protection. While most did, there were a few that didn’t. Perhaps merino wool for example, won’t perform like merino wool should if it had the UPF protection in it. We’ll leave that to the experts, but if there was a way to do this, this would be a huge bonus to their clothing line.

Snag some of KUHL women’s shirts and you won’t be sorry. You’ll probably find that you wear each piece more than you’ve ever worn other clothes. They are definitely worth the money as they are stylish and feminine, yet rustic and athletic. They encompass the strength and beauty of a woman who likes to enjoy being active in the backwoods, lounging around the house, or getting fancied up for a date night. You really can’t go wrong with KUHL women’s clothing!

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