2 Rifle Shooting Tips | Don’t Ruin Your Shot: Control Recoil

Effective recoil management - shoot better.

There are a number of factors and rifle shooting tips that can help shrink your groups, but one that is often overlooked is recoil management.

When it’s time to buy a new rifle, it is easy to grab a large caliber for that “just in case” scenario. But, is that REALLY THE BEST MOVE?

QUESTION: Should I get a bigger caliber “just in case” I make a poor shot?
FACT: Depending on your skill level, a larger caliber may be harder to get consistent groups out of.

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Controlling Recoil – Rifle shooting Tips

Shoot better - rifle shooting tips. Recoil management

One often overlooked but EXTREMELY IMPORTANT piece to shooting tight groups is RECOIL MANAGEMENT. What on earth does that mean? There are a number of things that come into play here, but for purposes of this discussion, I am referring to establishing a good shooting base and consistent form that allows you to consistently control the recoil of your rifle.

This gives you the ability to come back on target after the shot and keep the point of impact downrange as close to the same as possible (within the capabilities of your setup). There are a number of factors that come into play to help your rifle recoil be consistent and repeatable, as well as a number of things that make it more difficult.

#1: Light vs Heavy Rifles – Rifle shooting Tips

Shoot better - rifle shooting tips. Recoil management

The mass of a heavier rifle does a better job of resisting the recoil impulse felt by the shooter, and a heavier rifle will generally hold more steady on a target. However, if you are like me, the thought of hauling around an 8 or 9-pound rifle sounds a lot more appealing than a 12 or 13-pound rifle, particularly on backcountry hunts.

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