First Lite Wick Review – 37.5 Technology Review – Field Tested

First Lite Wick review - 37.5 technology review

During our testing for this First Lite Wick review, we specifically looked at the 37.5 Technology and if it really works. We had the chance to really put it to the test. So is it really worth all the hype? I spent many weekends during my younger years tromping around the mountains of southern Idaho … Read more

Zpacks Zip Around Sleeping Bag Review | 20F Tested

Zpacks Zip Around sleeping bag review

Are you looking to shave weight from your pack without sacrificing comfort? That was our goal with this Zpacks Zip Around Sleeping Bag review. The design of this new Zpacks Zip Around Sleeping Bag is one that lends itself to comfort rather than Zpacks’ typical air at being the most ultralight gear on the market, … Read more

Seek Outside Backpack Review | Lanner 5400 Review – Envy Worthy Weight Savings

Seek Outside Backpack review - Seek Outside Lanner backpack review

Over the years we’ve had the chance to test quite a few hunting backpacks. The Seek Outside backpack lineup isn’t one you may be quite as familiar with, but if you are looking to shave some ounces, while still maintaining the ability to pack heavy loads, the Seek Outside Lanner 5400 backpack is worth a … Read more

Forloh Camo Clothing Review | USA MADE FORLOH Hunting Clothing – Worth the Extra Money? My 2 Cents

Forloh camo clothing review - FORLOH Allclima L3 Rain Jacket review

Hunting clothing has come a LONG WAY in recent years, and it’s now widely considered “gear” rather than clothing. This FORLOH Camo clothing review comes after having tested other brands over the previous 10 years, and really coming to appreciate high performing hunting clothing. While one certainly does not “need” high-end hunting clothing to be … Read more

Exped Ultra 3R, 5R, 7R Review | Best Exped Sleeping Pad EVER?!?!

Exped Sleeping Pad Review - Exped Ultra 3R, 5R, 7R

Are you looking for the best ultralight sleeping pad? The new Exped Ultra Series Pads are quite possibly the best Exped sleeping pads yet, but we needed to test them to be sure. The new Exped Ultra Series comes in four different warmth ratings; the summer version being the Ultra 1R, the fall version being … Read more

10 Best Ultralight Tripods – 2lb Weight Class

Best ultralight tripods compared - Ultralight tripod review

Looking for the best ultralight tripod for your outdoor adventure? What is the best ultralight tripod for hunting and backpacking? What features are important, and what features are negotiable? The world of ultralight tripods has a ton of options, but for this review we have narrowed it down to the two pound weight class. Personally, … Read more

Women’s Mystery Ranch Metcalf Review | 4335ci Women’s Hunting Backpack

Mystery Ranch Metcalf Backpack Review - Women's and Youth Hunting Pack

This Women’s Mystery Ranch Metcalf review was born from the fact that more and more women are hunting and want a backpack specifically designed for their body type. There just aren’t that many women’s hunting backpacks on the market, and until more recently, women who wanted to hunt had to use a men’s backpack but … Read more

Sea to Summit Ascent Review | 15 Degree Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Sea to Summit Ascent Sleeping Bag Review

Whether you are backpacking, hunting, or camping a good sleeping bag is one of the most essential pieces of gear. This Sea to Summit Ascent review was born from the need to stay warm in the backcountry while keeping the weight to a minimum but also not sacrificing versatility. The Sea to Summit Ascent sleeping … Read more

Sea to Summit Sleeping Pad Review | 16.9 oz Ultralight Insulated Review

Sea to Summit Ultralight Insulated review

Sleeping mats. Some people use them, some people don’t. This Sea to Summit sleeping pad review is the product of many nights spent in the backcountry sleeping on the ground to save weight. When I was younger I never used a sleeping pad, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to seriously appreciate the comfort … Read more

Durston X-Mid Pro 2P Review | Stupid Light But Storm-Worthy?

Durston X-Mid Pro 2 Tent Review

Over the last 4+ years, we’ve had the privilege of testing many ultralight tents. This Durston X-Mid Pro 2 review comes from those years of experience and everything we’ve learned through all of that testing. Among the many ultralight tents we’ve tested over the years, a good number of them were made from Dyneema, which … Read more