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Best game bags most durable game bags

Not all game bags are created equal, so we decided to test out some of the best game bags on the market to find the overall best game bags and most durable game bags, as well as the most breathable, game bags. Tag Bags and Argali Ultralight game bags use nylon and nylon blend material. VIAM Outdoors use a ripstop nylon and others like KUIU, Caribou Gear Bags and Ovis Sacks are a Taslan nylon. In this review we torture a handful of the best game bags on the market to find their failure point.

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3 Best Ultralight Game Bags

Best ultralight game bags

Quality Ultralight Game Bags: Worth the Extra Money? Ultralight game bags.  If you’ve ever shopped around, you probably found that game bags come in many shapes, sizes, weights, and materials.  So why are synthetic bags so much more expensive than …

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