Crispi Boots Thor 2 GTX Review | Best Ultralight Boots?

Crispi Thor 2 review - Crispi Thor 2 GTX Review

Boots are one of those pieces of gear that can ruin your time outdoors pretty quickly if they don’t live up to your standards. Crispi Boots is a household name, and this Crispi Thor 2 GTX review was born from our endless search for the perfect ultralight boot that offers durability and water proofness without … Read more

Crispi Valdres Review | Crispi Boots 1 Year Field Tested

Crispi Valdres Boot Review

Throughout my scouting and hunting season this year I was treated with the opportunity to test out some Crispi Boots for this Crispi Valdres review. While I know boots are one of those things that are very individual to each person and fit everyone differently, I’ll share how they performed for me over the course … Read more