Field Optics Research MicroLite Review | 2.4lbs Ultralight Tripod

field optics research microlite review

In the market for a new tripod? Over the past year, we had the opportunity to test an ultralight tripod for this Field Optics Research MicroLite review. I was able to pair the Field Optics Research FT-5017C (Carbon Fiber version) tripod with the Field Optics Research Ultra Low-Profile Pan Head. Like with other gear we … Read more

Seek Outside 8 Man Tipi Review | Colorado Field Tested

Seek Outside 8 Man Tipi Review

Several bitter cold hunts finally pushed me over the edge to put together this Seek Outside 8 Man Tipi review. Not sure if it is worth the price? You’ve come to the right place to get some honest feedback. I’d had my eye on a Seek Outside 8 Man Tipi for several years, and after … Read more