Coming out heavy with my Exo!

One last solo trip on the final weekend of the Idaho archery elk season put me in the middle of some rutting bulls and gave me the chance to test out some more gear. It all came together on the last day of the season with a great call-in using Roe Hunting Resources lost and assembly mews which “called em to my toes”! If you ever get a chance, check out Roe Hunting Resources, it will elevate your understanding of elk behavior and vocalizations and give you that edge in bringing them in close, its worth its weight in gold

Got to load down the Exo Mountain Gear pack with 100+ pound pack and put the S&S Archery carbon trekking poles to work once again(check out my Trekking Pole Rievew of these poles here. The Valkyrie Archery Broadheads did their work and gave me my shortest recovery to date…a whole 20yds. The VIAM Outdoors game bags performed flawlessly in protecting the precious cargo while the First Lite gear kept me comfortable all season long.

I feel blessed that it all came together after 13 days of persistence, and on the very last day to boot.

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