Best Ultralight 3 Person Tent? | Zpacks Triplex Review

Zpacks Triplex review - best ultralight 3 person tent?

It is rare in backcountry hunting to be able to literally cut POUNDS from your pack without significant sacrifices to comfort. Enter this Zpacks Triplex review. The Zpacks Triplex Tent is a true ultralight 3 person tent that packs up so small you will hardly know it is in your pack. Now, taking a step … Read more

Tricer Tripod Review | Tricer-BC vs Tricer-AD vs GTP-1 – Innovative Game Changers?

Tricer USA Tripod review

I first learned about Tricer tripods several years ago when I heard founder Drew Miles on a hunting podcast describe several products they were producing for backcountry hunters, including some innovative tripod designs that utilized trekking poles for legs such as the Tricer GTP-1. That discussion piqued my interest and I have followed them ever … Read more

BioLite BaseCharge 600 & 1500 Power Station And Solar Generator Review | What You Never Thought Possible

Biolite Basecharge 1500 and Basecharge 600 review - Portable solar power generators

The world has come a long ways in the products available for our outdoor adventures. Power stations like the BioLite BaseCharge 600 and BaseCharge 1500 and their ability to be charged via 100 watt (W) solar panels exemplify this and open up a world of powered possibilities when we are away from home. Things I … Read more

My Medic Review | BEST Backpacking, Hunting, Hiking FIRST AID KIT OPTIONS | 1 lb Custom First Aid Kits

My Medic first aid kit. Best first aid kits for hunting, hiking, backpacking and your car. Hiking first aid kit.

No one ever “wants” to have to use a first aid kit, but when you need one, you need one, especially a backpacking, hunting, or hiking first aid kit. If something goes wrong when in the backcountry, it is a pretty helpless feeling if you are not prepared with an adequate first aid kit. In … Read more

EXO Mountain Gear K4 5000 Review – ONE-YEAR TEST | Best Hunting Backpack?

Exo Mountain Gear K4 5000 Pack Review

Four miles into the Idaho backcountry, and with two mule deer bucks down, the Exo Mountain Gear K4 pack was about the get a workout. Not only that, but having torn the meniscus in my knee during a September archery elk hunt, I would be lying if I wasn’t a little worried how the bum … Read more

Nightforce NX8 4-32×50 Scope Review | Crazy Durable, But Worth The Money?

Nightforce NX8 scope review

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 20-plus years, you have heard of Nightforce Optics. The Nightforce NX8 riflescope is one of their more popular models, boasting some impressive specs and one that can easily be used for hunting or match shooting. Nightforce established a reputation for rugged and reliable optics … Read more

Schnee Boots Review | Best Leather Hunting Boots? – Schnee Granite 600g Cold Weather Boots

Schnee Granite boots review. Schnee boots review

Schnee boots have long been popular with a great reputation, but it was not until I personally had the chance to test them out that I came to appreciate the value of this style of all-leather boot. While leather boots had never been my first choice, it became abundantly clear that my “first choice” of … Read more

Durston X Mid 1P Tent Review | Lightweight + Affordable

Durston X Mid 1 tent review

Why would I want to do a Durston X Mid review? Well, over many years of running multiple different tents, I typically found myself only bringing freestanding tents on backpack hunting trips due to their ability to handle the elements and their ease of setting up in less than ideal ground conditions. However, the most … Read more

Zamberlan Anabasis Boot Review | Impressive Sub-16oz Zamberlan Hiking Boots

Zamberlan Anabasis boots review

Looking for an ultralight hiking boot but don’t want to give up performance? Zamberlan Anabasis boots may be just what you are looking for. Zamberlan makes a wide range of boots from hiking boots to hunting boots, with low, mid, and high cuts, and the Zamberlan Anabasis is one of those boots that can be … Read more

30° Katabatic Palisade Quilt Review | Best Backpacking Quilt? | Stupid Warm

Katabatic Palisade quilt review

Is the 30° Katabatic Palisade ultralight quilt the best backpacking quilt you can buy? There is a strong argument for that statement, and we will do our best in this review to give you the details you need to make the decision for yourself. The Palisade quilt falls in the Katabatic Elite Quilt series, featuring … Read more